Analysts called governors at risk

APEC has formed a rating of the influence of the heads of subjects, the first places in it were taken by the mayor of Moscow, the head of Chechnya and the governor of the Tula region. The agency indicated the possibility of rotation among the governors after a single voting day alt=”Analysts called governors at risk” />

The Agency for Political and Economic Communications (APEC) has prepared a rating of the influence of the heads of the subjects in May (Izvestia writes about its content). Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin came first, followed by:

  • Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov;
  • Governor of the Tula Region Alexei Dyumin;
  • Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov;
  • Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov.

APEC rating is formed on the basis of the results of an expert survey, which is conducted by a closed questionnaire.

The agency did not rule out rotation among the governors in September & October of this year and the first months of the next. “In the event of very significant problems in the current activities of the heads of regions, high-profile anti-corruption investigations or batch reshuffles” reshuffles in the summer cannot be ruled out, the study notes.

APEC calls participation in intra-elite conflicts or large-scale information attacks one of the key factors here.

The head of the government of Khakassia, Valentin, who closes the rating, is at risk Konovalov, the head of Komi Vladimir Uyba and the governor of the Orel region Andrei Klychkov, as well as the governors of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler (58th place) and the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Uss (22nd).

Read on RBC Pro Pro How to enter the UAE market — a case of financial services Cases Pro Harder than 1998: what foreign media write about a possible default of Russia Articles Pro Is it possible without leaks? These mistakes put customer data at risk Healthy lifestyle habits of Silicon Valley Articles Pro Let's break through: three keys to success in strategic planning Articles the head of the agency Dmitry Orlov, the head of Khakassia is criticized by regional and federal media— in particular, due to problems with waste disposal. “In addition, the election of Konovalov to this post on the wave of protest in 2018 still remains a factor in maintaining distrust of him on the part of the federal center,” — the expert thinks.

Oryol governor Klychkov is also criticized in the media. “In the minus the career of the governor” there is a criminal case on abuse of power against the mayor of Orel, Yuri Parakhin, and the protracted reconstruction of the Red Bridge across the Oka due to the detention of the general director of the Remspetsmost that carried out this work; on suspicion of embezzlement, said Orlov. “After Yegor Stroev left the post of head of the region in 2009, three governors have changed in the Oryol region, and none of them has so far served in this post for more than one term. Klychkov's powers expire in 2023, — he recalled. The head of the Political Expert Group, Konstantin Kalachev, in turn, noted that Klychkov’s prospects should be viewed “through the prism of power relations with [head of the Communist Party] Gennady Zyuganov, for whom the region is home.” At the same time, the specialist admitted that instead of Klychkov, another communist could be appointed as the head of the region.

Law enforcement agencies are constantly interested in the team of the Orenburg governor Pasler, APEC notes. “The region is electorally significant in the presidential campaign <…>. Thus, the center has additional incentives to reshuffle the leadership of the region before the start of the presidential elections,— says the head of the agency.

Problems of the head of Komi— conflicts with opponents and negative newsbreaks. So, in May, Oleg Mikhailov, a State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, filed a lawsuit against Uiba, who called him a “new fascist.” The long-term formation of a new government in the region, according to Orlov, speaks of a “difficult intra-elite situation”; in the republic.

As for Oleksandr Uss, although he is on the 22nd line of the rating, the claims against him from the population are growing due to environmental problems, fires and insufficiently effective response to the strike of workers in the village of Yeruda. The authors of the rating, among the factors that may lead to the resignation of the head of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, indicate his age— 67 years old.

On May 10, five heads of Russian regions announced their resignation: the governors of the Kirov, Tomsk, Saratov and Ryazan regions Igor Vasilyev, Sergey Zhvachkin, Valery Radaev and Nikolai Lyubimov and the head of Mari El Alexander Evstifeev. President Vladimir Putin has appointed acting heads of these entities. Mari El temporarily headed by the chairman of the government of Kalmykia Yuri Zaitsev, Kirov region— assistant of the Kremlin Department for ensuring the activities of the State Council Alexander Sokolov, Ryazan & mdash; head of Rosstat Pavel Malkov, Saratov— Chairman of the regional government, Vice-Governor Roman Busargin, Tomsk— Vladimir Mazur, Deputy Head of the Kremlin Department for Internal Policy.

On a single voting day, September 11, 15 governors will be elected. On June 4, the election campaign began in Russia.

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