Andrey Turchak: United Russia plans for 2022 primarily concern support for the least protected citizens

United Russia summed up the autumn session in the State Duma and outlined plans for the spring

The United Russia faction summed up the results of the first session of the 8th convocation of the State Duma at a briefing on Tuesday, December 21. According to the management, the basis of work this year is the implementation of the “People's Program”, which affects all areas. This includes support for families with children, disabled people, elderly people, modernization of primary health care, overhaul and construction of schools, delivery of ambulances and school buses to the regions, renewal of public transport, construction of rural houses of culture and much more. But at the briefing, special attention was paid not to the faction's victories, but to plans for a future session.


“Our plans for 2022 primarily concern support for the least protected citizens. In the spring session, we hope to pass a bill on free hospitalization of parents with disabled children. Today, this unconditional right arises only if the child is under 4 years old, we want to raise this bar. We will strengthen the protection of children receiving a survivor's pension, I am talking about the bill on the payment of pensions during part-time work during the holidays and the bill that expands the guarantees for receiving pensions for 18 year old graduates who are preparing to enter a university. Another priority area is the support of volunteers. Our idea was recently supported by the President of the country – this is life and health insurance for certain categories of volunteers, namely doctors and those involved in extinguishing fires, eliminating emergencies and searching for missing people. We will definitely adopt the United Russia bill, which toughens the punishment for pedophiles, “the secretary of the General Council of the party, Andrei Turchak, said.

According to the chairman of the Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes Andrei Makarov, the most important part of the last session was over the budget. Next year, it is necessary to check that the funds included in the budget reach those to whom they are addressed. First of all, in accordance with the instruction of the President to increase the living wage and the minimum wage, they will affect, without exception, all types of benefits.

“We propose to support fathers who are on parental leave. The assistance will consist in free training in a demanded profession, advanced training. Expand the use of maternity capital for the treatment of seriously ill parents and their children. Solve the issue of the shortage of personnel in primary health care. It is necessary to introduce additional benefits and compensations for the salaries of doctors. Return school medicine “, – said the head of the faction Vladimir Vasiliev.

In addition, Vasiliev outlined the main directions of the work of the “United Russia” faction in the spring session. These included the development of employment, support for families with children, the development of health care, the reduction of the cost of housing and communal services, control over the implementation of the school overhaul program and the reduction of the bureaucratic burden on teachers, the introduction of responsibility for environmental damage and the promotion of the development of ecological tourism.

“The task of United Russia for the next year is the implementation of the“ pro-family ”block of the people's program. Its implementation will be monitored by the party commission for the protection of motherhood, childhood and family support. First of all, a solution requires the issue of providing housing for orphans, expanding the support formats for families with children, as well as creating an infrastructure for them. This is the help service in the “one window” mode, and the creation of a network of multifunctional resource centers. They provide targeted assistance and legal advice. Some regions have already organized such work and implemented the provisions of the people's program of United Russia, “said Anna Kuznetsova, Vice-Speaker of the State Duma.

Eliminating the personnel deficit in the healthcare sector and work on the modernization of primary care is also included in the plans for the spring session , according to the chairman of the health protection committee Dmitry Khubezov.

“We are working to introduce the principle of human-centeredness in the doctor-patient relationship and reduce the bureaucratic burden on doctors. Also, “United Russia” will continue to work on a bill on remote certification of drivers, “- said Khubezov.


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