Belgorod governor announced the release of explosives on the library

On Friday night, an improvised explosive device (IED) was dropped from a quadrocopter on the library building in the town of Graivoron, Belgorod Region, head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov said in Telegram.

According to the governor, there is little damage, investigators and operational services are working on the spot. “We are looking at the damage, we will try to start restoration work today. The most important & mdash; there are no casualties, we will deal with everything else,»,— he wrote.

Grayvoron— the administrative center of Graivoronsky district, located 9 km from the border with Ukraine.

Last week, the region once again extended the validity of the “yellow” terrorist threat level. It was introduced on April 11 against the backdrop of shelling of border settlements from Ukraine and will remain in effect until July 24. Until the same date, there is also a ban on launching firecrackers, fireworks and salutes in the region.

On the night of July 3, Belgorod was shelled. The Ministry of Defense reported that Tochka-U missiles hit the city. with cluster munitions. As a result, four people died — one Russian and three citizens of Ukraine. Several more people were injured. Tenements and private houses were damaged.

After the shelling, the Investigative Committee opened criminal cases under articles on the murder of two or more persons committed by a group of persons in a generally dangerous way, and an attempt to commit this offense (paragraphs “a”, “e”, “g”, part 2 of article 105, Part 3, Article 30 of the Criminal Code). As a maximum punishment, the article provides for life imprisonment.

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