Biden called the condition for a meeting with Kim Jong-un

A meeting between the US and North Korean leaders is possible if the North Korean side is serious, the American leader said. The White House did not see such signs in the actions of Pyongyang Biden called the condition for a meeting with Kim Jong-un He said this at a press conference during a visit to South Korea, reports Reuters.

“As for whether I meet with the leader of North Korea, it will depend on whether he is sincere and serious” ,— Biden said.

Washington offered coronavirus vaccines to Pyongyang to combat the country's outbreak, the president continued, but the US “didn't get any response.” In the DPRK, the day before, they reported the identification of almost 2.5 million patients with symptoms of an “unknown fever”.

In February, then-South Korean President Moon Jae-in called a meeting between Biden and Kim Jong-un “a matter of time.” “Because the dialogue— the only way to resolve the issues is expected to eventually be a meeting between President Biden and Chairman Kim,— he said in an interview with Yonhap.


The South Korean leader also expressed regret that the meeting in 2019 between the head of the DPRK and then-US President Donald Trump did not lead to a deal and was not secured continuation of the dialogue.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Sales of luxury goods are growing faster than expected. How to make money on it Articles Pro A leisurely billion: how a Russian can successfully enter the Indian market % per year is already the norm: how Argentina lives in conditions of record inflationAccording to Bloomberg, in April, US Special Envoy to North Korea Sun Kim noted that the White House had not yet received a response to repeated calls for dialogue without preconditions. “We hope that the North Koreans will accept our invitation to a serious and lengthy dialogue,” he stressed at the time, assuring that Washington was ready to study any serious proposals from Pyongyang “regarding the situation on the [Korean] peninsula.”

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to the American president, also said that there were no signs of North Korea's readiness for serious negotiations with the United States. On the eve of Biden's visit to South Korea, he pointed out that there was no indication that the North Korean leader wanted a meeting.

Former US President Donald Trump met with the North Korean leader in Singapore and Hanoi. During the first meeting, the leaders signed a joint document— Pyongyang then committed itself to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in exchange for security guarantees from Washington. The second meeting took place without signing agreements.

In June 2019, Trump met with Kim Jong-un again— in Panmunjom, in the demilitarized zone between South Korea and North Korea. Then he symbolically crossed the demarcation line, becoming the first acting American leader to visit North Korea.

Later, Pyongyang changed its attitude towards the agreements reached. “We don't need lengthy negotiations with the US, and denuclearization is no longer on the negotiating agenda,” — North Korean representative to the UN Kim Song emphasized. He called the dialogue a “trick”; Washington.

Last June, Trump expressed confidence that Biden was unpleasant to the leader of the DPRK, and therefore their meeting would not take place. “He [Kim Jong Un] is a different type of guy, it takes a different type of guy to talk to him, but we got along,” explained the ex-president.

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