Biden Urges Military to ‘Keep Free’ South China Sea

The US Navy needs to “keep free” South China Sea and ensure complete freedom of navigation there. This was stated by US President Joe Biden during his speech to Navy graduates, Reuters reports.

“You will uphold international shipping rules, secure a free and open future for the Indo-Pacific, secure freedom of navigation in and out of the South China Sea, and ensure that sea lanes remain open and safe,” said the head of state.

According to him, it is the “principles of freedom” that are the backbone of the global economy and global stability. “You will help unite our allies in Europe and with our allies in the Indo-Pacific,” Biden added, addressing the alumni.

Last week, Biden said the US was ready for a military response to China's possible use of force against Taiwan. According to the American leader, Beijing is “playing with fire by flying close [to Taiwan] and doing all these maneuvers.” Although Washington adheres to the “one China policy”, this does not mean that “the PRC has the right to use force to seize Taiwan,” he stressed.

The New York Times then reported that White The House stepped up efforts to re-equip the island's defense system to repel a possible Chinese attack, applying the experience of supplying weapons to Ukraine. At the same time, Bloomberg wrote that the US and Taiwan authorities decided to expand economic ties.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry protested in connection with Biden's speech and stated that “Taiwan is an integral part of territory of China».

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