Biden, who went to Saudi Arabia for oil, was urged to pay attention to Texas

US President Accused of Infringing on National Interests

No sooner had the US President embarked on his first Middle East tour than he was sharply criticized from right and left in his country. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry criticized the Biden administration for turning to foreign countries for energy assistance instead of turning to American companies.

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“On the way to Saudi Arabia, Biden should turn his attention to Texas and send a special representative to the Midland district,” – ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry urges Fox News.

As he travels to the Middle East, President Joe Biden is leaving behind obvious domestic issues related to the ongoing energy crisis facing the United States, says former Texas Gov. .

According to Rick Perry, the White House has been waiting for a visit to Saudi Arabia for a long time. After all, this kingdom is a strategic partner of the United States on many fronts, not the least of which is joint leadership in curbing runaway global energy inflation. However, the Biden administration has stubbornly denied that the leaders of the two largest oil producers will discuss options for increasing production. “Regardless of the outcome of the trip, it remains clear to Americans struggling to fill their gas tanks that our leaders would rather first look abroad for solutions to the current energy crisis than remove barriers to American energy development,” – notes Perry.

Most recently, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm held a private meeting with oil and gas executives to discuss record high fuel prices. Not surprisingly, no significant consensus has been reached, the ex-governor of Texas notes. Instead, the Biden administration continues to hinder the development of new domestic energy, including through a misguided ban on oil exports, while conceding markets and economic growth to Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Iran for oil and gas.

The point is, fuel prices won't go down as long as the administration maintains a “keep it in the ground” stance; regarding the production, transportation and sale of energy, Rick Perry expresses his point of view.

In his opinion, instead of focusing on American-sourced fossil fuels, pipeline infrastructure and exports, Biden has focused his efforts on blaming energy companies and limiting their operations. Not so long ago, the power industry and its workers enjoyed the support of the state. “When I was Secretary of Energy under President Donald Trump, we prioritized the development of the American energy industry by promoting prudent taxation and pragmatic regulation, – Rick Perry continues. – Through our work, the days of America's paralyzing dependence on foreign energy sources have passed. When I left the Department of Energy, America was a net exporter of American oil and natural gas.

That all changed in January 2021, when Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, restricted leases of new oil and gas land on federal land, and slowed approval of energy infrastructure projects, the politician said. And just last week, the Home Office announced its proposed offshore leasing plan, sending mixed signals to the industry. Pending a public comment period, the plan could open up to 11 leases or no sales off the US coast. These actions, combined with the conflict in Ukraine, are not driving down fuel prices, with some states paying more than $5 a gallon and even $6 in California.

And now the Biden administration is openly considering a proposal for a windfall tax to punish the very industry that works to improve America's energy security, Rick Perry argues: “This new tax would be a big mistake. Under the Carter administration, after the introduction of the windfall tax, domestic production declined and the US increased its dependence on foreign oil. The repetition of the same mistake will lead to higher prices and a reduction in production.

“Instead of expanding U.S. energy production in the face of turmoil abroad, Biden has shown greater reliance on imports, – ex-governor of Texas criticizes the Democratic president. – Later this week, he is heading to Saudi Arabia to boost oil imports.

Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, President Biden should stop by here in Texas and send a special envoy to the Midland, one of the country's most important energy-producing regions, to understand the needs of US manufacturers. Outside of Texas, production from the Bakken formation has made North Dakota one of the most significant sources of oil in the United States in recent years due to strong business investment. Now North Dakota accounts for nearly 10 percent of our nation's oil production, and is the third largest state in the union.

It's safe to say that states like Texas, North Dakota and many others around the country have played a huge role in helping the United States reduce the need for foreign energy sources, Rick Perry continues.

According to him, Biden could provide confidence in the domestic energy market by supporting critical infrastructure projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline. The Biden administration has the opportunity to send a clear message to industry and American consumers by supporting American energy, infrastructure and offshore leasing projects. Instead of prioritizing ineffective solutions, the administration should sit down at the negotiating table and work seriously with industry, rather than blaming the energy industry.

“Biden should listen to Americans who are struggling to fill their gas tanks and pay grocery bills by reversing course, and finally put forward tangible long-term solutions to overcome the energy crisis in our country, – concludes Rick Perry.


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