BONES – Precipitation Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Precipitation, reflections on the pavement
Try your best not to look down, or you’ll you have to face it
The truth comes when you least expect it to brace you
So graciously I stand out in the storm with nature
Life will try to taint you, modify your perspective
It will do everything that it can to be hectic
Check this
Time is a currency I invest in
Water in my right, switchblade up in my left hand
Minutes fly by without even having to notice
I was due too, without even choosing to focus
I can sleep all day and wake up to the moon
Or I can wake with the birds and get straight to the doom
Used to be hopeless
Some days, still feel like it
But truth be told, if life is a party I’m just arriving
I ain’t had to struggle in a couple of years
Can feed my family and keep the roof over they heads

I just can’t fuck with y’all man
I could never give a fuck what y’all say
I just can’t fuck with y’all man
I could never give a fuck what y’all say

[Verse 2]
Like (?)
Shock, can’t get enough
Work is never hard when you lovin’ just where you are
IPA spilling on my Hanes extra large
When I get to kickin’ raps and waving my arms
I’m in this ’till i’m gone
I’m innocent ’till I’m charged
I murder with zero alibis ready to tell the judge
I let you lay in mud
You leave me covered in blood
That’s a fair trade as just as long as the deed is done

Dead boys

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