British PM candidate vows to limit China’s influence in the country

Rishi Sunak vowed that if he is elected prime minister, he will close all Confucius Institutes operating in the UK and, together with allies, will try to minimize the vulnerability of the West to China

Former UK Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak wants to limit China's influence in the UK if he becomes the new prime minister. In a policy statement quoted by the Daily Telegraph, he promised to close all Confucius Institutes operating in the UK and increase pressure on China.

Confucius Institutes— institutions for the study of Chinese language and culture, supported by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in cooperation with foreign educational institutions. There are currently 31 such institutions in the UK— more than in any other country in the world.

“China is the biggest long-term threat to the UK, the economic and national security of the world, as emphasized by MI5 Director General [Ken McCallum] and FBI Director [Christopher Wray]. At home, [Chinese citizens] steal technology and infiltrate our universities, while abroad they help [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to carry out <…> invading Ukraine, buying oil from it, and also trying to intimidate their neighbors, including Taiwan,— approves the candidate for the post of prime minister.

Sunak promised that he would stop China from “taking over British universities,” that he would actively oppose Chinese hackers, and that he would direct British counterintelligence MI5 to help businesses and government agencies protect themselves from this threat. He also promised that, along with US President Joe Biden and leaders of other countries— partners of the kingdom will try to minimize the vulnerability of the West in the face of China.

Earlier, Sunak declared a state of emergency in the UK. He explained that British families are incurring huge costs due to rising inflation, the National Health Service could collapse, and the public believes that the government has lost control of the borders because of illegal migrants.

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The current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on July 7. This happened against the backdrop of a scandal with the former deputy chief organizer of the ruling Conservative Party in the House of Commons, Chris Pincher, who was accused of harassing men. Johnson was aware of the investigations against Pincher, but he appointed him to high posts. Both Pincher and Johnson apologized, but both had to resign.

According to the results of the Conservative Party vote in the UK Parliament, two main contenders for the post of party leader and prime minister were determined— former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss. 200,000 party members will decide who will head the new government during the voting. The results will be announced on September 5.

Both Rishi Sunak and his opponent were members of the Johnson government and condemned the special operation in Ukraine, advocating sanctions against Moscow. “Putin's Invasion” it is a dangerous calculation that democracies are divided, politically weak and economically insecure, incapable of making tough long-term decisions to strengthen our economy. This calculation— error»,— Sunak spoke in the British Parliament.

Truss, who holds the post of Foreign Minister of Britain, has criticized the actions of the Russian authorities many times. On the campaign trail, she vowed to “continue to lead the free world forward against Putin.” She also promised to “siege” Russian leader in case of a trip to the G20 summit in November.

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