Composition of the Russian Northern Fleet. infographics

On June 1, 1933, the Northern Military Flotilla was formed, four years later it was transformed into the Northern Fleet. Until 2014, it was considered the youngest among all the military fleets of Russia, but on May 25, 2014, by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, the date of formation of the Northern Fleet was postponed to 1733 — the date of the foundation of the Arkhangelsk military port. 

The powerful development of the flotilla began after the Great Patriotic War, when the fleet became nuclear, missile-carrying and ocean-going. In those years, ships transported warheads across the Arctic Ocean to nuclear test sites. The Northern Fleet has become the largest strategic formation of the USSR Navy.

Then came the crisis of the 1990s, the combat and strength of the fleet was sharply reduced. After it, the Severomorians had to restore their lost positions. 

In recent years, the Northern Fleet has played a leading role in the development of the Arctic region. Since 2013, it has been an interspecific strategic association, essentially a military district of Russia. The main base of the fleet — the city of Severomorsk (Murmansk region). 

Today, the basis of the Northern Fleet is nuclear missile and torpedo submarines, missile-carrying and anti-submarine aviation, missile and anti-submarine ships. In total, the fleet has 43 submarines and 42 surface ships. The flagship is the third-generation heavy nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great. from the series of project 1144 “Orlan”.

What ships are included in the modern composition of the Northern Fleet, see the infographic.


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