Daily Mail learned about Johnson’s plans to cut 90 thousand officials

DM: Johnson calls for 90,000 UK job cuts to save $4.3bn a year Previously, he warned of the onset of “difficult times” due to sanctions against Russia jpg” alt=”Daily Mail learned of Johnson's plans to lay off 90,000 officials” />

Boris Johnson

The UK should cut the number of public officials by 90,000 due to “bloated” government officials. departments, the savings will be used to help the British in a crisis, the head of the government of the kingdom, Boris Johnson, said at an off-site cabinet meeting in Stoke-on-Trent, the Daily Mail writes, citing sources.

The interlocutors of the newspaper noted that the heads of ministries will first focus on reducing the number of civil servants by freezing the recruitment of new employees.

“We must cut government spending in order to reduce the cost of living. Every pound the government takes from taxpayers — it's money they can spend on their own priorities, on their own lives,” — Johnson said in an interview with the publication.

Now in the UK there are 475 thousand officials, the newspaper writes, their average salary— £28.1 thousand. The measure will affect almost one-fifth of their total number. According to the newspaper, by reducing the staff of officials, the UK will be able to save £ 3.5 billion (more than $ 4.36 billion).

Daily Mail writes that Johnson gave ministers a month to develop appropriate plans.

According to official UK statistics, the kingdom will lose about £6.2 billion from sanctions against Russia by 2030, it will lose more than $1.1 billion due to the suspension of sales of Aston Martin cars, Bentley and other goods. In addition, exporters of equipment for oil refining will lose $8.6 million, and the computer industry— about $5.2 million

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Johnson in mid-March warned Western countries of the onset of “difficult times”; due to “weaning” from Russian energy exports— oil and gas. “I have no doubt that difficult times lie ahead of us,” — he said. Then he assured that the government would be able to reduce the “exorbitant bills” that are forced to pay for production and households throughout the kingdom. These measures will allow “to put an end to bullying by the Kremlin,” the British prime minister believes. He assured that the UK would refuse to supply Russian oil before the end of the year.

Since the end of February, the UK has repeatedly provided significant financial and military support to Ukraine. So, in early May, Johnson announced the transfer of another $375 million (£300 million) military aid package to Kyiv. According to the prime minister, it will include night vision devices, heavy drones, an anti-battery radar system and electronic warfare equipment.

A few days later, the British Treasury announced the allocation of additional assistance to Kyiv in the amount of $1.6 billion (&pound ;1.3 billion). “The UK is at the forefront of providing economic, humanitarian and military support to Ukraine, and we are working tirelessly to end this conflict,” Minister Rishi Sunak explained.

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