Deputies of Primorye who opposed the military operation were expelled from the Communist Party

The faction of the Communist Party of the Legislative Assembly of Primorye expelled the deputies who spoke out against the hostilities in Ukraine, since, according to the parliamentarians, they “discredited the party.” Governor Kozhemyako considered them “Bandera henchmen”

Leonid Vasyukevich

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory Leonid Vasyukevich and Gennady Shulga, who called for an end to the military operation in Ukraine, were expelled from the Communist Party faction in the regional parliament. About this “Kommersant” said Anatoly Dolgachev, First Secretary of the Primorsky Regional Committee.

Vasyukevich and Shulga— not members of the party, they were only members of the faction. The Bureau of the Primorsky Territory Committee recommended that they be excluded on Tuesday, May 31. This decision was voted unanimously at the meeting of the faction that took place immediately after this.

Dolgachev said; “Vasyukevich and Shulga discredited our party with their demarche, so they have no place in our ranks.” «The official position of the Communist Party— we support the actions of our armed forces for the denazification of Ukraine, — he declared. Dolgachev called parliamentarians “hands-shaking” and “political corpses”.

The deputies themselves did not participate in the meeting of the bureau and faction. Vasyukevich said that he had learned about his exclusion from Kommersant. “Could have been invited to a meeting of the faction. Well, excluded and excluded. We will be independent deputies with Shulga, — he said. The publication could not contact Shulga.

Vasyukevich and Shulga won the 2021 elections in single-member districts in Vladivostok, PrimaMedia notes. The first represents constituency No. 7 (parts of the Frunzensky and Pervorechensky districts of Vladivostok, as well as the Khasansky district), the second & mdash; No. 2 (half of the Pervomaisky district).

Parliamentarians opposed the fighting in Ukraine on May 27. Vasyukevich took the floor during the meeting and read out an appeal to President Vladimir Putin: “We understand that if our country does not stop the military operation, then there will be even more orphans. In the course of a military operation, people become disabled, these are young people who could be of great benefit to our country. According to Vasyukevich, he was supported by Shulga and two other deputies— Natalya Kochugova and Alexander Sustov. However, the latter two later stated that they did not do this, and Vasyukevich's performance “was a surprise”, reported.

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At the end of Vasyukevich's speech, Dolgachev stated that the appeal of his colleagues was not agreed upon by the faction, and called their actions “an absolute demarche.” The governor of Primorsky Krai, Oleg Kozhemyako, said that the actions of the two deputies “defame the Russian army and our defenders, who today stand in the fight against Nazism,” and demanded to deprive them of their speech. Most of the deputies voted to deprive Vasyukevich and Shulga of the right to speak at one meeting.

On May 31, Kozhemyako called Vasyukevich and Shulga “bastards and henchmen of the Banderaites,” Vostok.Today reports. According to the governor, the deputies cannot be considered communists, since this word “is sacred for many Russians”, recalling the Great Patriotic War.

As recalls, on February 22, at a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, all the leaders of the factions supported President Vladimir Putin's decision to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. Vasyukevich abstained, while Shulga voted in favor.

In late February, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin called the position of those who condemn the hostilities “a betrayal of their people.” On March 22, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that there are “few” in Russia who do not support the military operation, but the authorities “hear the opinion of the minority.”

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