Experts explained why the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the colony with Ukrainian prisoners

They want to intimidate and shut their mouths

The shelling by Ukrainian troops of the colony in Yelenovka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are kept, was carried out at the direction of Kyiv. The goal is to shut up the talking prisoners, who in recent days have spoken a lot about the crimes of the Kyiv authorities. This is the opinion of LPR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik.

Photo: Sergey Ivanov

“In Kyiv, they decided that the surrendered“ heroic Azovites ”(Azov is banned in the Russian Federation) is a shame, and it has a bad effect on the morale of both Ukrainians and the sponsors of the war,” Miroshnik wrote on his Telegram channel. That's why they gave the order to liquidate. Moreover, the “heroes” have already sung in different voices, which does not look heroic at all and breaks the information agenda.”

According to preliminary data, as a result of the shelling of the colony in Yelenovka, at least 40 captured Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 130 were injured . This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov.

The rubble after the shelling continues.

Presumably, the strike was carried out by a high-precision American “Hymers”. A direct hit on the barracks with prisoners was recorded.

According to military bloggers and reporters, the military-political leadership of Ukraine, apparently, decided to get rid of unnecessary ballast.

As military commander Medvedev wrote in his channel , “The fact of keeping Ukrainian prisoners in Yelenovka is well known.”

“The strike of the Kyiv artillery on the place of their detention, in my opinion, is not an accident. They are willing to talk, telling facts that are not the most convenient for Kyiv and the West. The shelling is … an attempt by Kyiv to shut them up. And another confirmation: the Nazis don’t have their own.”

The author of the Voenkor Rudenko channel agrees with him: “Kyiv decided, apparently, to destroy the witnesses who began to speak.”

Recently At the same time, many videos appeared in which Ukrainian prisoners said that it was in Kyiv that orders were given for cruel abuse of Russian prisoners of war and their murder on a video camera.


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