Finland banned Faberlic payments

Faberlic founder Alexey Nechaev fell under EU sanctions as a deputy. In 2021, he transferred his share to trust management due to his election to the State Duma. The authorities also seized the property of MK editor-in-chief Pavel Gusev

Finnish authorities have banned payments related to the Faberlic cosmetics company and seized funds held in a Finnish bank account, Helsingin Sanomat writes, citing the Debt Collection Authority.

“In practice, this means that the Russian company cannot pay the bills of the four Finnish organizations that are waiting for their money. The authorities have frozen these payments, — writes the publication.

Founder of Faberlic, Chairman of the New People Party Aleksey Nechaev fell under EU sanctions as a deputy. In October 2021, he told RBC that he would transfer his share (owns 99.99% of Faberlik JSC) to trust management due to his election to the State Duma.

The Finnish authorities also seized property belonging to the editor-in-chief newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Pavel Gusev, writes Yle.

According to the publication, he, along with his ex-wife, owns a house and land plots of almost 20 hectares on the lake in Janakkala (Kanta-Hyam province).

Gusev was under EU sanctions in early April, reminds Yle. Brussels believes that his newspaper “supports the narrative and actions of the Kremlin that undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.” “He has close ties to the Russian Defense Ministry and is a confidant and supporter of President Vladimir Putin,” — gives the publication a justification for the restrictions by the European Union.

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President of the Krasnaya Zvezda media holding Alexey Pimanov.

Gusev, in response to restrictive measures, said that he “doesn't give a damn”: he loves Russia and is not going to travel to Europe. “Whatever they want, they do against the Russian media, especially against the media, which are independent and private. <…> Why can't I, as a private media outlet, support the actions of the Department of Defense?»— he said.

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