Foreigners called the exodus of Americans from Ukraine a defeat for the United States

“When a ship starts sinking, the rats are always the first to escape”

The US Embassy in Kyiv asked American citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible. Foreign netizens have taken this statement with great concern. The exact same warning was issued shortly before the fall of Kabul in 2021, when Americans were evacuated by helicopter from the roof of the embassy in Afghanistan. In addition, some users named other possible reasons for the flight of US citizens from Ukraine – for example, the ending “money laundering”.


Juan Carlos left an ironic comment on social media: “I think that very soon we will see another helicopter on the roof of the American embassy, ​​just like in Kabul.”

A user with the nickname “Mojave Rider” wrote: “If this information is correct, it can only mean one — US agents are confident that Ukraine will soon lose, and the fall of the Zelensky government will happen much faster than they expected.

A resident of the Republic of Cyprus with the nickname “Revon” explained: “Most likely, the request to leave Ukraine was made due to the fact that Russia is targeting Ukrainian command centers, which employ a huge number of US citizens.”

Bill Conacher wrote: “How- then it doesn’t fit with the fact that Western TV channels talk about Ukraine as if it is winning!»

Italian Mirosk Mirosler quoted a well-known proverb: ‘When a ship starts to sink, the rats are always the first to escape.».


A user with the nickname “DownHom” suggested that the supply of weapons to Ukraine was somehow connected with “money laundering”, after which he published a tongue-in-cheek comment: “I hope Russian missiles destroyed all the laundromats.” Only in this case, Ukraine will not be able to “launder” all those huge sums we sent her.”

Lynna Bailey agreed with the previous user: “Do they want to leave? Now? Not with suitcases full of our money, I hope?"

British Dan Hugo wrote: "The fall of Afghanistan began with this statement! Have you forgotten how you deceived Afghan civilians by publishing photos of the airport not with real ones, but with inflatable bait planes? Do you want to fool us too?”

Peter Willenhag summed up all of the above: “Now it is possible to declare Ukraine bankrupt with full confidence. All the American and European money that was invested in support of the Ukrainian government can easily be considered lost forever. Its end. The only thing that remains for Ukraine, — reconcile and sign a peace treaty with Russia. I see no other way out».


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