FSB disrupted the operation of Ukrainian intelligence to hijack aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces

The operation of Ukrainian intelligence to hijack combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which was supervised by NATO special services, was thwarted by the Russian FSB. This was reported by the press service of the department, writes TASS.

It is specified that employees of the Ukrainian military intelligence have made attempts to recruit Russian military pilots. They were supposed to deliver the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces to airfields controlled by the Ukrainian army. For the flight and landing of aircraft Russian pilots were promised cash rewards and guarantees of obtaining citizenship of one of the EU countries.

According to the law enforcement agency, law enforcement officers managed to identify the Ukrainian special services and their accomplices. It is noted that counterintelligence of the FSB received information that allowed to inflict fire damage on a number of Ukrainian military facilities.

Earlier it was reported that Russian security forces had identified one of the largest sabotage groups that operated in the Kherson region.

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