FT learned about the plans of Johnson’s associates to take revenge on the head of the British Treasury

Close allies of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation, intend to prevent Rishi Sunak from taking his place, accusing him of perfidy, writes the Financial Times

Close allies of Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation as leader The Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of Great Britain intend to prevent former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak from taking his place, the Financial Times newspaper writes. They accuse Sunak of betrayal.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, on Downing Street the decision of the head of the Ministry of Finance to resign caused discontent. One high-ranking official called the ex-minister a “treacherous bastard.”

Some blame him for not warning Johnson of his decision, while others claim Sunak was unable to reach him.


“The Rishi will get what he deserves for leading the process of overthrowing the Prime Minister,”— said one of the officials.

Sunak on the eve announced his intention to run for the post of head of the Conservative Party and the country's cabinet of ministers. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, new Treasury Secretary Nadhim Zahavi and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace are also expected to compete for the posts.

The Treasury Secretary resigned on July 5 and was replaced by Zahavi. So the head of the Ministry of Health, Sajid Javid, who was replaced by Stephen Barkley, and several other ministers announced their resignation.

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A series of scandals erupted around the prime minister. One of them is associated with parties on Downing Street, when a nationwide lockdown was introduced in the country, the other— with the appointment of government member Chris Pincher, who was accused of sexual harassment of men.

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