How has the intonation of Western media changed?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 22. Science tortures boys and girls too 01/06/2022 Story Russian special operation in Donbass and in Ukraine

British journalist Independent Mary Dejevsky believes that interest in what is happening in Ukraine is fading.

“Have you noticed that we have stopped waking up to the news about the latest victories of the heroes -Ukrainians and the failures of savage Russians? – she asks a question. In her opinion, changes occurred with the fall of Mariupol on May 17–18: after that, foreign media became less interested in covering the events, because Russia began to win.


The chronology of the column headings of The Telegraph confirms the journalist's rightness:

  • February 24th. “Putin's bloody rule is over.”
  • April 3rd. “Russia is losing to the West in its own game.”
  • 5 May. “Humiliated Russia is losing an epochal battle.”
  • May 12. “The victory over Putin will cost us a high price.”
  • May 26th. “Putin is about to win a shocking victory.”

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