How much are the tsarist paper rubles and Kerenki worth now?

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Archaeologists from Rostov-on-Don found a treasure in the wooden structure of a window sill while dismantling an emergency building on Kirovsky Prospekt. This is a pack of banknotes: 156 pieces for a total amount of 30,675 rubles. Money wrapped in a piece of cloth, various denominations of the late 19th century. — first third of the 20th  The package is accompanied by a receipt, the text of which is now being restored.

Vyacheslav Shibitsky, board member of the Union of Bonists of Russia, believes that this wad of pre-revolutionary and revolutionary money now costs not much more than 15 thousand rubles. modern rubles. That is, each of the  ancient» banknotes — approximately 100-200 rub.

“There is no abstract price list for collectible banknotes, — explained the well-known collector. — The cost of each banknote or coin (if it is not of precious metal) is determined by the number of analogues on the market, time of issue, features of minting or printing. That is, in order to appreciate something, you need to see it. And in each case, the conversation can be special. And may not have this conversation.

As for the royal money of the late XIX-early XX century, “Kerenok” of the Provisional Government of Russia, the White Guard and the first Soviet banknotes — then    the there are a lot of them on the market. The Soviet Goznak printed tsarist rubles and  kerenks back in the years of the civil war.

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Banknotes of Russia 1917-1918. Reproduction. Photo: RIA Novosti/Oleg Lastochkin

An elderly lady came to me here and offered "Katya" — a pre-revolutionary hundred-ruble note with a portrait of Catherine II. I ask: “How much do you want for it?” Answer: “Ten thousand dollars.” I take the the same bill from the table: “Take another one as a gift.” They are rarely sold on the Internet for more than a thousand rubles apiece, but real collectors will not buy a bill for such a price.

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