Hungarian Prime Minister Orban announced plans to buy 700 million cubic meters from Russia. m of gas

Budapest expects to reach an agreement with Moscow on the purchase of an additional 700 million cubic meters of Russian gas, Viktor Orban said. He reiterated that the sanctions “do not lead to anything.” Kyiv called these words “Russian propaganda”

Viktor Orban

Hungary expects to conclude a contract with Russia for the purchase of 700 million cubic meters of gas this summer, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on the radio, Magyar Nemzet reports.

“We are still negotiating to buy an additional 700 million cubic meters of gas from the Russians, and perhaps we will close this deal,” — he added.

The Hungarian prime minister also criticized the EU's plan to cut gas consumption by 15%, which Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó called “practically unfeasible”. At the same time, Orban assured that Hungary's accumulated gas reserves would be enough for the winter.

The politician reiterated that it is necessary to revise the European security system. He believes that the strategy of the West regarding the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine does not work. According to Orban, since the outbreak of hostilities, the West has been pursuing a strategy that involves sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing sanctions that will “shake” Ukraine. Russia. At the same time, he said, Western states hoped that the restrictions would not affect themselves, and the world community would turn its back on Moscow.

According to the Hungarian prime minister, this strategy is erroneous, and if Brussels does not reconsider it, “from October we should expect a war economy situation.” Orban said that the sanctions against Russia “do not lead to anything”, and “they also do not use a flamethrower to extinguish a fire.”

This is not the first time Orban has expressed the opinion that sanctions against Russia do not work. On July 15, he said that the EU sanctions policy had the opposite effect and affected the countries that imposed restrictions. According to the representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko, these words are “a classic example of Russian propaganda”, as the restrictions “significantly reduced the ability of the Russian military machine to wage war against Ukraine.”

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In 2021, Hungary signed a long-term agreement on the supply of Russian gas to the country. Under contracts concluded for 15 years between Gazprom and the Hungarian energy company MVM, the country will be supplied with up to 4.5 billion cubic meters. m annually. After Russia introduced payment for gas in rubles, the Hungarian Cabinet stated that, according to bilateral agreements, “it is a technical question of what currency to pay in.

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