In Poland, they found the only way to “scare Putin”


There is only one way to” scare ” Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is accumulating military forces on the border & nbsp; with Ukraine. It may be a military reaction of Western countries to “aggressive provocations” Kremlin.

This was announced by the Polish expert on Eastern Europe, Russia and defense policy Gustav Gressel.

“Experts are convincing that the invasion may occur in early 2022. And this threat is very real. If Putin goes that far, that's another question. The problem is that he is not deterred by the resistance of the Ukrainians and their unwillingness to submit to the Russian authorities. The only thing that Putin may be afraid of is & ndash; this is the military reaction of the West & quot ;, & ndash; the specialist is quoted by the Pravda edition.

In his opinion, as soon as Moscow realizes that the West is weak, it will immediately attack Ukraine. Gessel stressed that the fear of escalation in Europe is so great that it itself becomes an invitation to escalation. But if the West does not intercede for Ukraine now, in the future it will have to fight for itself.

Gustav Gessel is sure that Moscow is not afraid of Kiev's resistance. Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, has repeatedly stated that the movements of the Russian army through its own territory do not concern anyone and do not threaten anyone. In his opinion, the aggravated discussion around Ukraine provokes tension in the region, which will benefit no one.

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