In the United States revealed a plan for the long-term isolation of Russia

WP: The West will build a “new world” without Russia

The administration of US President Joe Biden and their allies in Europe intend to build another world in which they, according to The Washington Post , will no longer try to coexist with Russia and cooperate with it. Moreover, they will actively seek to isolate and weaken it.


According to the publication , the State Department, the Pentagon and ministries are developing plans that will change the West's policy towards Moscow in almost every aspect: from defense and finance to international diplomacy and trade.

At the same time, a senior politician in the European Union told WP that the West is not sets itself the task of changing the ruling regime in Russia.

The author of the article suggested that Washington will soon make changes to the “National Security Strategy” – this document is approved by the US government every few years.

Last month, the Pentagon's draft National Defense Strategy, sent to Congress in March, prioritized the “Russian challenge in Europe” and the “threat from one hundred Against this background, The Hill reports that US senators intend to visit five countries to convince their authorities to join the isolation of Russia.

According to the publication, we are talking about Germany , Poland, India, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Nepal.


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