In Ukraine, the smell of a coup d’état

“Protest in society is gaining momentum”

The petition filed by the citizens of Ukraine with a request to ban the issuance of mobilization summons at checkpoints, gas stations and streets has already gained 25,000 votes, which means , President Vladimir Zelensky is simply obliged to consider it. Military expert Yevgeny Linin, in an interview with MK, suggested that if Kyiv continues the policy of tyranny over its own people, then coup attempts are not ruled out in the foreseeable future.

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The author of the petition, Igor Nerozya, refers to the fact that among the population there are already enough motivated citizens who want to join the armed forces. He asks first of all to recruit a reserve from among such people. However, judging by what is happening, the number of “volunteers” is thinning every day.

A number of ingenious schemes are already being actively used in Ukraine, offering citizens liable for military service to avoid being called up for a reward.

For example, in social networks they began to “advertise” a new scheme for those liable for military service to “legally” leave the territory of Ukraine. The issue price is 1000-2000 US dollars. For this money, those who wish, under the guise of volunteers or drivers, will be registered in the Shlyakh system and will be provided with a trip beyond the cordon.

The Way, which oversees the Ukrtransbezpeka system, enters the data of charitable organizations and carrier companies, which, in turn, can submit their lists of “field” volunteers and drivers. They are checked at the border, and those who are on the list are freely released abroad.

Assessing the situation with the mobilization resource in Ukraine, Yevgeny Linin said:

– When the first waves of mobilization were carried out in Ukraine, most of the population believed that it was patriotic to go “to defend the Motherland”, and victory would definitely be on their side. This is exactly the kind of information conveyed to the Ukrainians by the mouthpieces of propaganda. Over time, the situation has changed radically, and now the understanding that something is going wrong is becoming more and more clear. You can't hide huge losses with all your will. No one wants to take part in the conflict with Russia anymore. Even those nationalists who still remain and demand the continuation of hostilities are not ready to personally participate.

The population of Ukraine, which is now in a terrible economic crisis and is barely making ends meet, does not have the opportunity in connection with the latest mobilization laws, as before, to leave for the West. People are no longer ready to endure the attitude of the military, when they are simply grabbed on the streets, handed subpoenas, dragged to military registration and enlistment offices, given uniforms and sent to the front. Everything naturally came to the point that the protest in society has already grown to the level when people turn to power through petitions, since the people have no other means of communication with the country's leadership.

– No, she didn’t do anything will change. The directive “to fight to the last Ukrainian”, which is carried out by the office of President Zelensky, does not provide for any deviations from the set course.

– I think that after some time Ukraine will come to this, but for now there will be quiet sabotage . People will try to escape from the country by all possible means and get away from mobilization. Through bribes to be declared unfit for service or to be taken to the territory of neighboring countries. Actually, this is already happening. Subsequently, the more the crisis and contradictions aggravate, the more the likelihood of riots will increase, about which the classics of Marxism and Leninism warned us.


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