In Yakutia, they tried to illegally smuggle 16 mammoth tusks worth 6 million rubles

After the intervention of the prosecutor's office, 16 mammoth tusks with a total value of more than 6 million rubles were transferred to the property of Yakutia, the republic's supervisory authority reported.

Illegal transportation of tusks was discovered at the airfield in the village of Tiksi during verification of compliance with legislation in the field of collection and circulation of paleontological materials — it was conducted by employees of the Yakutsk environmental prosecutor's office together with law enforcement officers.

The department explained that, in accordance with the legislation of Yakutia, the cadaveric and skeletal remains of the mammoth fauna, which have scientific and museum value, are the property of the republic. The examination showed that the discovered 16 tusks with a total weight of more than 100 kg are of special scientific and museum value.

In this regard, at the suit of the Yakutsk environmental prosecutor's office, the court recognized these tusks as ownerless, and they were transferred to the property of the region.

It was previously said that cloning extinct animals, including mammoths, is quite possible.

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