Kuleba announced a visit to African countries following Lavrov

Dmitry Kuleba said that he would visit up to five African countries as part of Ukraine's efforts to intensify relations with the continent. Sergey Lavrov returned from his African tour this week

Dmitry Kuleba

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba announced on the air of the telethon that he is preparing for his first visit to Africa , he intends to visit up to five countries.

“These will be exclusively the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, not the Arab states of North Africa. We will go to Central Africa, — said Kuleba (quote from Ukrinform). The head of the Foreign Ministry has not yet specified which countries he will visit, noting that “as soon as information about the intensification of relations [Ukraine] with the African continent began to leak out, in particular about the preparation of <…> tour, how Mr. [Russian Foreign Minister Sergei] Lavrov went to the same region.

As Kuleba noted, although Ukraine's foreign policy is mainly focused on European and Euro-Atlantic issues, Kyiv's interests are all over the world, the country “seriously undertook” for the African direction. “The President is on the phone with African leaders. We are revitalizing inter-parliamentary diplomacy,— he said (quote from UNIAN).

The Minister recalled that in early July, President Volodymyr Zelensky introduced the post of Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa. It was taken by Maxim Subkha, former Ukrainian ambassador to Algeria and Mauritania.

Zelensky spoke via video conference to the leadership of the African Union in June. Then he said that Africa had become a “hostage” due to the consequences of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, interruptions in food supplies and increased prices, and invited the leaders of African states to Kyiv. The Russian authorities insist that problems on the world food market began even before the military operation, and the accusations against Moscow— this is an attempt to shift responsibility “from a sick head to a healthy one.”

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