Lawyer Ivan Safronov detained in Udmurtia

According to Talantov, he is being taken to the department of the UK in Udmurtia. Last year, the document of the Ministry of Justice on the initiation of a criminal case against him under the article on treason was received by lawyer Pavlov (recognized as a foreign agent), who also defended Safronov

Dmitry Talantov

Dmitry Talantov, the president of the Bar Association of the Republic, was detained in Udmurtia, he defended the journalist Ivan Safronov. The lawyer himself announced this on Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia).

“Please inform everyone about my detention. I write with difficulty, [until] they see [representatives] of the Investigative Committee for Udmurtia, — he wrote.

According to Talantov, he is being taken to the local department of the Investigative Committee.

“There is no case on Talantov in the production of our investigative department,” — reported RBC in the office of the IC in Udmurtia.

RBC sent inquiries to the Investigative Committee of Russia and the Chamber of Advocates of Udmurtia.

In September 2021, another lawyer who defended Safronov announced his departure abroad, & mdash; Ivan Pavlov (included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign media agents). In Russia, he was put on the wanted list, the investigation accuses the lawyer of disclosing the data of the preliminary investigation.

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The accusation is connected with two episodes: when Pavlov handed over to the Vedomosti newspaper; the decision to bring Safronov as a defendant and when he told reporters about the appearance in the case of the testimony of a secret witness under the pseudonym Lander. The lawyer himself called his persecution “the revenge of the FSB for his principled position in a number of criminal cases.” (in addition to Safronov, he also represented the interests of the former top manager of Inter RAO Karina Tsurkan, who at the end of 2020 received 15 years in prison in a case of espionage, and physicist Valery Golubkin, suspected of treason) and added that during the search the full defense file in the Safronov case was confiscated from him. In December 2021, Pavlov announced a document received from the Ministry of Justice, which states that a case of treason has been opened against the lawyer himself.

As Kommersant reported, the head of the investigative team of the FSB Investigation Department, Alexander Chaban, even at the preliminary investigation stage, forbade lawyers to make extracts from the secret treason case filed against Safronov. This measure applied to all documents included in the case, including those that do not contain state secrets. Lawyers filed complaints, but the court recognized the actions of the FSB officers as legal, the publication wrote.

Safronov— journalist, former employee of Kommersant and Vedomosti, adviser to the head of Roskosmos. Since July 7, 2020, he has been in jail. Under the article on treason, he faces up to 20 years in prison. According to the investigation, he passed secret information to the Czech and German intelligence services. Safronov himself does not admit his guilt and connects the criminal prosecution with his professional activities.

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