Leads to a career. What foreign languages ​​are more promising today

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Isolation and  the conditions of sanctions, in which Western governments put our country, suddenly raised the — And do need today knowledge of a foreign language for life and successful career?

And what languages ​​to teach children? Maybe it's time to switch from mass English to Chinese? 

One is good, and two is better

Of course, even closed borders in the modern world is no reason to refuse learning languages. You can communicate, conduct business today and online. A foreign language is needed in order to receive information from foreign sources, for example, doctors, scientists.

«Atlas of new professions 3.0 indicates that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is mandatory in the list of supraprofessional skills that are necessary for success in professions of the 21st century  — asserts RUDN Vice-Rector for Multilingual Development, Doctor of Philology Professor Anastasia Atabekova. — English  — it is still a traditional tool for communication between representatives of different professions in different countries. This is followed by Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Bengali, Arabic. Therefore, without knowledge of the English language, prospective employment and professional growth are hardly possible.

But today there is a demand for specialists who speak at least two foreign languages — for example, English and second European or Oriental languages. And it’s not enough just to know languages, for successful activity you also need to understand the national and cultural context of a particular partner state and the specifics of the professional industry in the region».

And to answer the question of which language to learn, the expert suggests taking into account not only fashion, as in the case of Chinese, but and geopolitical trends, the geographic focus of partner projects in a particular region.

Chinese and Arabic

This is confirmed by labor market experts.

“Taking into account the reorientation of business to other markets, the demand for knowledge of the languages ​​of those countries and directions with which economic relations are developing — explains Associate Professor of the Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation „Human Resource Management“ REU them. Plekhanova Ludmila Ivanova-Shvets. — The demand for knowledge of the Chinese language occupies the first place, and knowledge of Arabic languages ​​has also become in demand in recent years. All specialists who speak foreign languages, and not only Chinese and Arabic, have an advantage in employment. And  some people receive incentive bonuses for this knowledge, employers have the right to set them in the amount of their own discretion. If the language competence of an employee is important for a company, then the remuneration will be such as to retain a valuable employee. Many companies themselves initiate and pay for foreign language training.

According to  analysts from Headhunter and PEK, over the last 2 months, the number of vacancies for specialists with knowledge of Chinese in Russia has doubled. Business under the sanctions began to interact more with Asian companies. It is clear that the demand for such specialists is even greater in areas that border China. For example, in & nbsp; Primorye, Amur Region. Moreover, experts note that the number of vacancies that require knowledge of Chinese dropped sharply during the pandemic, and now it has begun to grow again.

Who gets paid more?

In Moscow, there are not so many offers for those who speak Chinese. Of the part — they are Chinese teachers. Salaries are also very different. The highest incomes are promised in the area of ​​procurement, search for foreign partners and logistics. In                                       rub., translators — from 50 to 80 thousand, an online store support service specialist with knowledge of Chinese — 80 & nbsp; thousand In & nbsp; regions, managers with knowledge of Chinese are promised 35 & ndash; 60 & nbsp; rub. In Vladivostok, the Amur Region, the positions of managers to work with Chinese partners are estimated at 80–90 thousand

          the Chinese themselves are very actively learning English, — notes teacher Guzel Carsoz. — Moreover, the demand for English on against the ongoing political and economic changes has not decreased, but even increased. For  many, it even transformed into the desire to abruptly take and learn all English right now, in the shortest possible time. As for the higher salaries of specialists with knowledge of the Chinese language now, then, I believe, this is largely due to the fact that there are not as many teachers as, say, in English.

What to teach children?

The turn in politics and trade was reflected in the moods of families. According to the Superjob Portal Research Center held in April, Chinese has become 2 times more useful for a successful career than parents. Almost a third now believe that their children are better off learning Chinese, and not English.        English  says Associate Professor of the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian State Humanitarian University and Institute of Classical Oriental and Higher School of Economics, Director of the Confucius Institute Taras Ivchenko.   We explain: it is impossible to train a specialist capable of negotiating in Chinese in 2 years. To bring your knowledge of the language to such a level, you will need at least 3 years, and it is better to count on 4–5 years. Yes                                There are few high-level Chinese teachers who are able to work with children. In addition, learning any language has many psychological aspects. Learning a foreign — it's not just cramming grammar, it's the accumulation and adaptation of knowledge about people's culture. Therefore, when choosing which language to study for a child, it is worth considering the availability of good teachers, his willingness to learn and approach the lessons realistically. The study will take many years».

There is evidence that the study of foreign languages ​​really increases the volume of the brain, contributes to the development of cognitive abilities — memory, attention, thinking. This is a great memory training for adults.

      you can't start teaching any foreign language when the child has speech therapy problems — warns an English teacher at TsAGI postgraduate school, translator Marina Vlasova. — Until the child learned how to write correctly, pronounce all the sounds, etc. it makes no sense to start learning a foreign language. Otherwise, there will be more harm than good.

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