Leonkov suspected Kyiv of implementing a missile program

Ukraine could soon get its own “Satan”

Ukraine, with US support, was rapidly implementing its missile program. As a result, the country could receive long-range ballistic missiles. This was announced by a military expert, editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Alexei Leonkov.

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“In Pavlograd, on the territory of a local mechanical plant, it turns out that four ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles. -“ MK ) “Scalpel” prepared for launch are stored, Leonkov wrote in his Telegram channel “Maduro -“ not a fool ” ;. – For launching, only the launch pad or shaft is missing, but there is an option to find these launchers.

Solid rockets “Scalpel” the Soviet-Russian combat railway missile systems (BZHRK) “Molodets” were equipped. They were in service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces 20 years ago. But then it was decided to write off the BZHRK, since the warranty period for the storage of missiles had expired: the structure of solid fuel changed over time, microcracks appeared that could affect the process of fuel combustion during the flight.

Why were the missiles found in Ukrainian Pavlograd? Everything is very simple. Since Soviet times, the chemical plant in Pavlograd has been supplying rocket fuel to our nuclear missile shield. The question is why, after the collapse of the USSR and bringing Ukraine to a nuclear-free status, four missiles remained in Pavlograd?

Leonkov, citing sources, said that on the territory of the Pavlograd chemical plant “another 38 stages from ballistic missiles according to the NATO classification” Scalpel “are stored. They contain more than 2,000 tons of rocket fuel.

“Four ready-made” Scalpels ” – this is proof of the reality of the US-Ukraine nuclear missile program, and the launched special military operation is timely prevention,” the expert concluded.

The story of the “Scalpels” is only part of the problem. It is known, for example, that the most powerful Russian intercontinental missiles – the 200-ton RS-20 (according to the Western classification “Satan”) were developed in Soviet times by the Dnipropetrovsk Design Bureau “Southern” and were mass-produced in Dnepropetrovsk at the Yuzhmash plant. The neighboring Pavlograd chemical plant was built to provide rocket production with fuel.

Given that the West reacted favorably to the statement of President Zelensky at the Munich conference in February this year that Ukraine should have nuclear weapons, then, without a special operation, in a year or two next to Russia we would have a nuclear-missile power aimed at the return of Crimea and Donbass by force.

Let's imagine that Kyiv, having received at its disposal a missile- nuclear weapons, would start military operations against the Crimea. Then the exchange of nuclear missile strikes between our countries from a hypothetical one could well become a reality.

The special operation began on February 24th. Among the declared goals are demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

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