Let’s help the future champion! Egor Tsukanov needs a neurostimulator

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 22. Science tortures boys and girls too 01/06/2022

In order to walk again and get rid of a catheter, a teenager needs a neurostimulator

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June 1 – Children's Day, but we want to tell you not about a small child – about a real man. «Handsome Egor» – this is what blogger Ida Galich, called it, who supported our collection in social networks. We are grateful to Ida and believe in Yegor. Read – and you will understand why…

Egor Tsukanov takes medal after medal. Novokuznetsk, Moscow, Smolensk, Omsk – Behind thousands of kilometers in trains and tens of kilometers of breaststroke. Only the junior swimmer enters the water not as a fish, like everyone else, but sits on the side of the pool and starts from this position. Not far from Egor – his stroller, always loyal fans behind his back: mom and grandmother. And each new distance – another victory over yourself. After all, competitions in which a 15-year-old teenager takes prizes, – for athletes with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

From childhood, Egor dreamed of swimming like other boys. Yes only the whole Tsukanov family – he and mom. And how does doctor mom have time to training in pool? "Well at least in the aquapark you will show you how to stay on the water?  –  once again the son asked his mother Anastasia. And they went to water park. There was an accident on the road: an oncoming car skidded on a winter road and threw it in their direction. The main blow fell on Egor – he lost consciousness and stopped breathing. And learned to swim only a year later, during rehabilitation in Sestroretsk. Not for pleasure, but to get out.

How did Yegor survive then – doctors still don't understand. Traumatic brain injury with hemorrhage in the ventricles of the brain, and the spine was also injured, the collarbones, jaw, pelvic bones were broken, the liver, kidneys, and lungs were damaged. “Yegor didn’t move for two months: he was silent and only batted his eyelashes. And when the speech began to return, he told me: “In 10 years my life ended”, – says Anastasia.

For any mother from these words heart breaks into parts. Anyone would try to deceive both themselves and the child: no, it's not over, there is still a chance! Only Egor's mom – pediatrician and saw all the extracts: hopeless. And meanwhile there was a chance.

«One night Yegor raised his right hand in his sleep and put it behind his head. He moved for the first time. In the morning he asked me for a drink, and I told him: you yourself can reach the glass. Try". And Egor did it.

A next – rehabilitation and classes at home. Mom gave Egor massages, together they developed arms and legs, strengthened his back and returned him to a life that should not end at ten. And he is already sitting confidently, can crawl on all fours, spins the wheels on an exercise bike, stands in standing standing stands, transfers from a bed to a wheelchair and back, writes in a notebook with his right hand (it used to hang with a whip) . And he also takes care of the kitchen: he stews meat with vegetables to feed his mother when she returns from work. Well and the most important thing for Egor – he overtakes healthy peers in the pool and studies without any problems at his Kemerovo lyceum. So far, remotely, because the Tsukanovs have been living in Moscow for a year now. Here – rehabs, doctors, new techniques, and his next big chance.

The fact is that Yegor has come close to the frontier beyond which his new life will begin. And in this life he will be able to feel his legs and walk, even if on crutches. He will also get rid of the catheter, which over the past three years has caused frequent inflammation of the bladder and kidneys of a teenager. To do this, a neurostimulator must be implanted in his spine. The device will transmit electrical signals, and they will go through the electrodes to the spinal cord and   body muscles.

Egor has already seen on ­the Internet how people with implanted neurostimulators live abroad. Now he often asks his mother when the operation will be. And she replies that there are very few such quotas and there is a long queue for them. That you have to wait at least two years. And she, as a doctor, understands that waiting with a catheter can cost her son serious problems with kidneys. That in two years the spasm in the legs will increase and             there will be little chance to get up from the wheelchair. But now they definitely are. Egor has already had test stimulation – only three times and & nbsp; not for long. But and 15 minutes were enough to feel the long forgotten. For example, what you want in toilet.


After that, wait two years – unbearable. Yegor needs our help to believe that at 15 his life is just beginning.

Need  help

In order for Egor Tsukanov (15 years old, Moscow) to get up from the wheelchair, he needs a neurostimulator for 1.5 million rubles.

Opinion  expert

Neurosurgeon of the Research Institute of Pediatrics. Veltishcheva Maxim Vladimirov:

– After the installation of the neurostimulator, Yegor will improve the functions of the pelvic organs. Now the boy needs constant catheterization, which increases the risk of urinary tract infection, and in the future can lead to the formation of chronic kidney disease. We also hope that the function of the leg muscles will improve, the sensitivity zones in them will expand.

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