Liberalism at the price of children’s lives. Does the country need special psychiatry?

Since Soviet times, local dissidents and their Western patrons have been using “punitive psychiatry” as one of their favorite terms. This meant the persecution of dissidents with the help of clinics for the mentally ill.

The fight against “evil”

During perestroika, and then after the collapse of the USSR, the fighters “for all that is good” they went out of their way to destroy what they imagined to be the apparatus of repression. No one took seriously the warnings of specialists who spoke about the danger of weakening the institution of psychiatric care.

In the dreams of the average Russian liberal, a real mentally ill person — this is the lamb of God, which cannot harm anyone, always following the prescriptions of doctors.

What to do with a citizen who has drunk to the “green devils” and those who hear voices in their heads ordering them to grab the ax, the guardians of rights and freedoms do not know.

"Eccentricities" end in carnage

However, alcoholics — This, oddly enough, is not yet the most dangerous option. There are worse things. Here's a real story near Moscow: in one of the houses in the village near Elektrostal, a quite prosperous family lived, consisting of a mother, father and two minor children. Later, the neighbors said that some oddities and eccentricities were noticed behind the woman, but they were not taken seriously. Until one day a woman, waking up, took an ax and hacked to death all three sleeping household members.

She was not going to hide, and the doctors, having examined the killer, established an exacerbation of a serious mental illness in her. But, since neither she nor anyone else turned to doctors, it was not possible to open the problem to a tragic outcome.

By the way, the woman was returned home after a course of treatment. With strict control and drug therapy, she really no longer posed a threat. Here are just three human lives that cannot be returned.

The patient, who was registered, had access to weapons

The story that happened in the village of Veshkaima, Ulyanovsk Region — from the same row. Ruslan Akhtyamov, born in 1996, who perpetrated a massacre in a local kindergarten, took the lives of two children and a teacher, suffered from a mental illness. 

Moreover, what is most striking, Akhtyamov for a long time was registered as mentally ill. And, according to preliminary data, last autumn he turned to specialists for help at least three times.

About the “spring aggravation” heard, probably, even people who had nothing to do with psychiatrists at all. Let's assume that, from the point of view of professionals, these are idle conjectures. But the fact remains — the worsening of the men's condition was missed. It seems that no one paid any attention to him at all: neither doctors, nor neighbors, nor his own mother. But a person with such a disease just needs constant monitoring and supervision.

However, try to take a similar initiative — how a human rights activist will grow out of the ground, who will begin to reproach the suppression of freedoms.

In Veshkaym, this theater of the absurd reached its extreme stage: a neighbor invited a mentally ill guy to “shoot”. Moreover, according to Akhtyamov's mother, this happened more than once. As a result, what should have happened — an eclipse occurred in the head of an unhealthy guy, he dealt with the owner of the weapon, after which he moved to a kindergarten.

Lesson “Tales” didn't go for the future?

Investigators are now trying to understand why exactly there. No clear reason has yet been found. The result was a terrible, irreparable grief that cannot be corrected either with the right words or monetary compensation.

October 31, 2019 in the kindergarten “Fairy Tale” 36-year-old Denis Pozdeev entered Naryan-Mar, who, bursting into the kids' bedroom during a quiet hour, stabbed a 6-year-old child.

Pozdeev claimed that he wanted to earn “eternal life” by this. In the spring of 2020, the killer, who suffered from alcohol and drug addiction, was sentenced by court to compulsory treatment due to insanity.

The kindergarten guard also went on trial, who neglected his direct duties and let an unfamiliar man into the building, opening the lock is remote using the button on the remote control.

The terrible death of a child in Naryan-Mar seemed to make adults wake up, come to their senses, draw conclusions and take action.

The most defenseless die from irresponsibility

Two and a half years later, in the Ulyanovsk region, it turned out that no conclusions had been drawn from the previous disaster. A mentally ill person is not under strict supervision and does not receive the necessary therapy. And, moreover, it is located in close proximity to firearms.

And in the local kindergarten, as far as is known, there was no security guard at all, but there was only an alarm button. As a result, women entered into a fight with an armed mental patient, one of whom died, and the second was wounded. They saved several children's lives with their stamina, but here's the question — why did they have to sacrifice themselves?

Experts say that there are not enough resources in the regions to ensure the safety of children's institutions. But if we do not have the resources to protect children, the most precious thing we have, then why do we need everything else?

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