Lithuania announced the imminent publication of the rules for transit to Kaliningrad

Lithuanian President Nausėda: EC will announce transit rules to Kaliningrad in a few days Nauseda did not give details, but noted that Vilnius opposes the “green corridor for special cargo”. The Kremlin called Lithuania's decision to ban the transit of goods subject to EU sanctions to Kaliningrad illegal 756565777048309.jpg” alt=”Lithuania announced the imminent publication of rules for transit to Kaliningrad” />

Gitanas Nauseda

In the coming days, the European Commission will publish principles for handling goods that are banned from transit through Lithuania, DPA reported President of the Republic Gitanas Nauseda.

“We are working closely with the European Commission, which is expected to announce recommendations for the handling of these goods in transit in a few days,” he said (quote from Tagesspiegel).

Nauseda added that he did not want to speculate on the possible outcome, but noted that Vilnius is opposed to the “green corridor for special cargo.”

According to sources of the ARD TV channel, a compromise on this issue can be reached before July 10. Earlier, a Reuters source also spoke about this. According to the source of the agency, transportation between Kaliningrad and the rest of Russia can be exempt from sanctions on the basis that they are not international trade in the full sense. This relief may be introduced on the condition that the goods subject to sanctions will be used exclusively in the Kaliningrad region and not sent further by sea, Reuters reported.

Since June 18, Lithuania has banned the transit of certain goods to the Kaliningrad region and from it to other Russian regions by rail. The 66-page list of prohibited goods included products made of iron and steel, goods for use in the aviation or space industry, perfumes, china or ceramic dishes, household appliances worth more than €750, purebred horses, truffles, cigars and other goods under EU sanctions.

The Lithuanian authorities stated that the measure was introduced in pursuance of EU sanctions and the country does not introduce any unilateral or additional restrictions. In the Kremlin, the decision of Vilnius to restrict transit was called illegal and a violation of “everything and everything”, and the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, threatened retaliatory measures that would be able to “cut off the oxygen to the Baltic neighbors.”

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