Liz Truss announces her candidacy for British Prime Minister

She promised to cut taxes if she becomes the new head of government. Other candidates have also pledged to change tax rates, including former Health Minister Sajid Javid and former Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt

Liz Truss

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has announced her candidacy for the post of leader of the Conservative Party and the prime minister of the country. She reported this in an article for The Telegraph.

“I'm running because I can lead people, keep promises, and make tough decisions,” — she wrote. The Minister stressed that Britain is now facing “tremendous challenges” against the backdrop of the global economic crisis, as well as because of the actions of Russia and China.

Truss promised that if she became head of government, she would cut taxes from the first day in office in order to “help people cope with the cost of living».

Truss actively supports Ukraine and condemns the conduct of the Russian operation. After it began, the minister said that Britain would not rest until it destroyed the Russian economy. She called the country “a pariah on the world stage”.

The head of the Foreign Ministry also believes that it is necessary to support Kyiv and stop promoting an approach that implies an early peaceful settlement with territorial concessions to Ukraine. “Ultimately it is about what Ukrainians want. President [Ukraine] Volodymyr Zelensky has made clear what he wants. We must support him in this. The approach of quickly reaching a peaceful settlement, promoted by the West, is not appropriate. We can't afford a quick peace that means giving up [Ukraine's] territories,” — she declared.

Former Minister of Health Sajid Javid, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeremy Hunt, former Education Minister Nadeem Zahavi, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, and Associate Minister for Trade Relations Penny Mordont have already put forward their candidacies for the post of British Prime Minister. So far, ten politicians are running for the post of prime minister. The eleventh candidate could be Home Secretary Priti Patel, whose nomination is expected on Monday.

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Javid and Hunt promised to reduce the corporate tax rate if elected (Rishi Sunak made the decision to raise the rate from 19% to 25% before leaving office). Liz Truss also spoke about her intention to reduce the corporate tax rate.

Penny Mordont, in turn, promised to reduce the VAT on fuel and change the personal income tax for people with low and middle incomes in accordance with inflation.

According to a July 6 and 7 YouGov poll among members of the Conservative Party, Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace was the most likely to be elected (13% of Tories polled preferred him). However, on July 9, he announced that he would not run. He was followed by Mordaunt (12%), Sunak (10%), Truss (8%).

Now the duties of the British Prime Minister are Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation on July 7. This happened after a scandal over a drunken brawl and harassment of men by government member Chris Pincher. Against this background, it turned out that Johnson knew about Pincher's earlier accusations of sexual harassment, but still appointed him to high posts.

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