Military expert assessed the likelihood of a strike on the Crimean bridge

“Western weapons do not help them, which has a bad effect on advertising and its further promotion”

The Crimean bridge for the Kyiv authorities and their Western guardians is like a thorn in the eye. Well, it does not give rest. Along with the assassination of Shinjo Abe and the resignation of Boris Johnson, the topic of the Crimean bridge continues to be in the top news. It suddenly turns out that two German soldiers are preparing to blow it up. This is the former NATO Commander-in-Chief, four-star US General Philip Breedlove, who proposes to hit the bridge with American weapons supplied to Kyiv.

The call of the NATO general to strike the Crimean bridge with a long-range multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) HIMARS or anti-ship missiles Harpoon, expressed by him to The Times, “MK” offered to evaluate the ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Purpose Command (Moscow Air Defense District), retired colonel Sergei Khatylev.

– In the USA and Ukraine, many people now have a slight insanity, – the expert says. – They now urgently need to show at least some success. All these people are connected in a single business chain: some supply weapons, others sell them, others use them, others advertise and promote them. Naturally, they want these weapons to demonstrate outstanding advantages in Ukraine. But no. It turns out the opposite is true: there is it in Ukraine, or it is not there, it does not affect the operational situation in any way. We are slowly systematically hammering the APU. Western weapons do not help them, which has a bad effect on advertising and its further promotion.

– Firstly, I want to note that the Ukrainians, apparently, were delivered shells for HIMARS not at all those that Biden spoke about – with a range of 40-70 km. It looks like they have a range of 120-170 km.

– According to local information. Some reports say that spent HIMARS ammunition was found where they could not have been if their range was up to 70 kilometers. It exceeded 100 kilometers.

But even in this case, I do not see the distance at which the Ukrainian troops are now, and from where they could fire from the HIMARS MLRS, reaching the Crimean bridge. To do this, they would have to drag the complexes along the water closer to the bridge. For example, on some ship.

– Harpoon also received the APU in the ground version. They would also have to be placed on an offshore platform to be pulled up to the bridge. If at all there is something left to put and drag. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, two such complexes in the Odessa region have recently been destroyed. But even if there is anything left, I strongly doubt that the Ukrainians are capable of organizing such an action from the water. They do not have ships that could solve this problem. Only light boats and inflatable boats.

– Move a little. We need to organize shooting. And this is not the same as just delivering the goods somewhere. During firing, this vessel will be subjected to a strong dynamic load. Today, there are simply no watercraft that could withstand it in the Ukrainian fleet.

Ukrainians can, of course, arrange such a provocation, using, for example, a barge or a powerful dry cargo ship, that is, a civilian vessel. But it should be borne in mind that the bridge defense system is built in such a way that we can detect all such “abnormal” attempts in a timely manner. Now the bridge's defense system has been strengthened many times over and is very effective.

From the very beginning of the special operation, we have been constantly threatened that they will attack the Crimean bridge. They threatened before, starting from the time when it was just built. But all attempts to do so were repulsed. Our opponents did not achieve any success here. I think that neither the American MLRS HIMARS nor their anti-ship Harpoon are able to help them in this.


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