Peskov answered Kadyrov about patriotism

Photo: Global Look Press Presidential press secretary and Ramzan Kadyrov flared up over the weekend after Peskov called Ivan Urgant, who left the Russian Federation after the start of a military special operation in Ukraine, a great patriot.

“There is no double reading of the word“ patriotism ”and cannot be,” Peskov stressed. He noted that patriotism is love for one's homeland and readiness for any sacrifice for the sake of one's country.

According to the Kremlin speaker, “competition of who is more patriotic is hardly necessary, especially at a time when we all need to be united.”

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, in his telegram channel yesterday reproached Peskov for his words that Ivan Urgant is a great patriot. “Apparently, we did not notice how the very concept of “patriotism” was reassessed,” Kadyrov wrote, calling Peskov’s priority scale “some kind of immature.”


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