Poland announced plans to bill Gazprom for cutting off supplies

Warsaw cannot fail to react when decisions to cut off gas supplies are made “unilaterally and without appropriate conditions in the contract,” Polish Minister of State Assets Sasin said

Poland intends to bill Gazprom ; for the termination of supplies after the country's refusal to switch to settlements in rubles, with reference to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets of Poland Jacek Sasin, Wirtualna Polska reported.

“We agree with the leadership of the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) on this issue, and we intend to hold the Russian gas giant accountable for this decision. It cannot be that such decisions are made unilaterally, without the appropriate conditions in the contract, and we did not react, — said Sasin.

According to him, Poland will demand from Gazprom; make up for the losses she has suffered because of his actions. The minister recalled that Warsaw did not want to renew the contract, but according to it, gas was to be supplied to the country by the end of the year.

RBC sent a request to a representative of Gazprom.

“Gazprom” stopped deliveries to Poland on 27 April. The reason was the refusal of PGNiG to switch to payments in rubles. This mechanism was introduced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of March in response to Western sanctions, in particular the freezing of about half of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves abroad. Warsaw considered the new payment scheme a breach of contract and refused to implement it.

After stopping the pumping, she broke off the agreement with Russia on gas supplies. “After 30 years, we can say that gas relations between Poland and Russia cease to exist,” — he noted the representative of the government of the country on strategic energy infrastructure Peter Naimsky. The day before the contracts were stopped, Poland imposed sanctions against Gazprom. and NOVATEK.

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