Polish PM urges Norway to share oil revenues

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki urged Norway to share revenues from oil and gas exports The profit of the “small country” Norway from oil and gas exports will exceed €100 billion against the backdrop of a jump in prices in the commodity market, Polish Prime Minister said, urging Oslo to share revenues

Mateusz Morawiecki

Norway makes 'giant profits' from oil and gas exports and must share its income. This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Wyborcza reports.

The head of the Polish government accused Norway of increasing its revenues from oil and gas exports against the backdrop of a sharp rise in commodity prices.

“Profits from oil and gas in a small state with 5 million people, which is Norway, will exceed € 100 billion. Write to your young friends in Norway. They have to share this surplus, gigantic profit,— Morawiecki said at a meeting with Polish youth.

Earlier, PGNiG announced that Poland will receive 3 billion cubic meters from Norway in 2022. m of natural gas, Business Insider reports.

PGNiG predicts that in 2023 it will receive 2.5 billion cubic meters from Norway. m of gas and 798 thousand tons of oil, and in 2024— 2.9 bcm m of gas and 928 thousand tons of oil.

Morawiecki stressed at a meeting with young people that Poland is rapidly changing its energy policy towards renewable energy sources, but the country must also have conventional energy sources, “when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.”

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Earlier, Poland stated that it did not intend to pay for Russian gas in rubles, in accordance with the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, considering this a violation of the terms of contracts, which in the majority involve payment in dollars or euros.

«Gazprom» April 27 stopped gas supplies to the Polish PGNiG. The press service of the concern stated that as of the end of the working day on April 26, they had not received payments in rubles for April gas supplies from the Polish company.

Then the Russian side warned that in case of unauthorized withdrawal of Russian gas from transit volumes to third countries, deliveries for transit will be reduced by this amount. Later, Gazprom said that Poland receives Russian gas from Germany.

In early May, the Polish government announced that Warsaw was ready to help EU countries to abandon energy from Russia. Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow added that Warsaw would support all sanctions on Russian hydrocarbons.

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