Political scientist Romero stated the defeat of the West against the backdrop of the easing of anti-Russian sanctions

Concessions also have to be made in relation to other countries

On July 21, the EU lifted sanctions restrictions on all transactions that relate to trade in food and fertilizers. It is noted that for this, the EU will unfreeze previously blocked assets of previously Russian banks. Political communications expert Orlando Romero is convinced that this indicates the political defeat of the West.

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In an interview with RIA Novosti, Romero stressed that the easing of anti-Russian sanctions is nothing more than a symptom of the political defeat of the West. At the same time, according to the expert, no one wants to recognize him now.

The specialist noted that such indulgences indicate that the conflict in Ukraine has ceased to be a priority and a common cause either for all Western countries, or for those states that are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Moreover, Romero added that the energy crisis due to anti-Russian sanctions is forcing the US and its allies to lift restrictions against other countries, in particular Venezuela.

According to the political scientist, the case of Venezuela is the most significant, since the Americans had to moderate its “imperialist policy” in an attempt to gain access to non-renewable energy sources, including oil, gas and others.

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