Politico reported fears in the West due to “Ukraine fatigue”

According to the Prime Minister of Estonia, the fatigue from the fighting on the territory of Ukraine “manifests itself everywhere”, but the West needs to support Kyiv. Biden previously promised to help the Ukrainian side for as long as it takes

Boris Johnson (left) and Joe Biden

Western leaders, despite showing unity in support for Kyiv that they showed at the NATO summit, fear that their citizens may soon tire of the events in Ukraine, writes Politico.

The publication cites the words of Estonian Prime Minister Kaija Kallas, who said that “war weariness is manifesting everywhere.” “This [fighting on the territory of Ukraine] has been going on for four months. And we have high inflation, energy crisis. The coronavirus hasn't gone anywhere,»,— she said on the sidelines of the alliance's summit this week.

At the same time, Kallas emphasized that “we must not get tired, because we must help Ukraine defend its country.”


Politico recalls that US President Joe Biden promised to support Ukraine for as long as it takes “to really ensure that they are not defeated by Russia.” At the same time, the newspaper cites data from a YouGov poll (conducted on June 23 & 29 among 1 thousand Americans), according to which only 8% of respondents called Biden's priority task “ensuring Russia's defeat in Ukraine.” The most popular option was “reduce or eliminate inflation”; in the USA, which was chosen by 38% of respondents.

According to the article, “It is the fatigue that Russian President Vladimir Putin is counting on,” who, according to the article, “hopes that voters will punish their leaders for worrying about events in Ukraine, and not about their own problems.” /p>

On the danger of “Ukraine fatigue” as the hostilities dragged on, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among other things, warned, against this background, calling for continued support for Kyiv. He also warned against trying to push Ukraine towards a “bad world”— agreement with Russia on terms that are not in the interests of Kyiv. Resist “fatigue” called on the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Into the whirlpool with your head: why quick changes are easier to survive than gradual Pro Articles How to lift sanctions from a person or company. Step-by-step instructions How to Pro “I'm happy I got fired”: how to work at Tesla – in 5 points Pro articles How to protect your skin from the sun: detailed instructions from a dermatologist how to protect yourself from it – world practice Articles Pro They don't know you here: how companies can build a reputation in a new countryPresident of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke of “growing fatigue”, noting that because of this, Kyiv is being demanded an undesirable result for him. At the same time, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba emphasized that there are no such sentiments in the European Union, which, in particular, is evidenced by granting Ukraine the status of a country— candidate for EU membership. “I have always said that there was never any fatigue from Ukraine. This is the Russian narrative imposed on us, — he said (quote from RBC-Ukraine).

The Russian military operation in Ukraine began on February 24th. Then Putin said that her goals— “demilitarization and denazification” neighboring country, as well as protecting the people of Donbass from the policy of “genocide” that the President claimed was being pursued by the Ukrainian authorities. On June 29, Putin proposed not to talk about the timing of its completion. Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev noted earlier that no one is “chasing deadlines.”

Zelensky said in April that the country was ready to fight Russia “for ten years.” On June 27, speaking at the G7 summit, the head of state called for doing everything possible to end hostilities by the end of 2022.

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