Putin reduced administrative fines for foreign trade participants

The law reduces fines for participants in foreign economic activity for illegal currency transactions from 75-100% of the amount of such transactions to 20-40%

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that provides for a reduction in administrative fines for foreign trade participants . The document was published on the official portal of legal information.

Fines for illegal foreign exchange transactions were reduced from 75-100% of the amount of such a transaction to 20-40%.

Also for non-repatriation of proceeds by exporters in rubles, the fine is reduced from 3-10% to 3-5% of the amount of funds not credited within the established period to accounts in authorized banks. We are talking about cases where a foreign trade contract provides for payment for export goods in rubles.

For officials who violated currency legislation, a fine will now be provided, calculated as a percentage of the amount of the violation, whereas earlier the fine was fixed.

The law comes into force 10 days after its publication.

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