Putin: Russian fertilizers will be taken, no one wants to die of hunger

Putin urged “more prudent attitude” to the export of food to unfriendly countries.

Some time ago, Western countries, which are on the list of states unfriendly to Russia, announced their intentions to nationalize Russian enterprises based in the West.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded that the mechanism for nationalizing assets is not available only to European politicians.

Putin explained that today there is an attempt by Russian partners to lay responsibility for their own mistakes in the field of economy and energy on Russia, and, as a result, to solve these problems also at Russia's expense.


The head of state reminded that one can go far in this way.

“Let no one forget that a double-edged weapon”, – the president said.

The Russian leader also spoke about the development of the agro-industrial complex in the EU.

It is known that, due to soaring gas prices, it is not only expensive to produce fertilizer there, but also unprofitable.

Moreover, this is the result of precisely the actions of the West against Russia, in particular, attempts to suppress the Russian “Gazprom”, Putin pointed out.

However, even under such conditions, Russia will not switch to licensing the export of fertilizers for some time, as this may cause harm to anyone.

The Russian President also explained that the authorities will now clearly work out the issue of selling fertilizers abroad, since how needs in the domestic market should be prioritized.

“We have no desire to harm anyone, not in any way. We just need to carefully deal with this with everything: both with logistics and with insurers. This is a deficit today, the deficit will be taken. Will! No one wants to die of hunger”, – Putin said.

For all these reasons, Putin called in 2022 for a more prudent attitude to the supply of products abroad, especially to “unfriendly countries.”

“Food self-sufficiency is Russia's real competitive advantage, and it should work in the interests of our citizens,”

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