Russia and Ukraine held an exchange of truckers

32 drivers returned to Russia, 20 to Ukraine. Earlier, the Ombudsman announced the evacuation of 14 sailors from the civil vessel Azov Concorde from Ukraine

Tatyana Moskalkova

32 truckers returned to Russia, and to Ukraine— 20, the press service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova reported in Telegram.

“With the participation of the institution of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, an exchange of truckers took place. 32 Russian drivers and 20 Ukrainian drivers returned home, as well as a number of citizens of Belarus, — quotes Moskalkova's press service.

Earlier, the Ombudsman announced the evacuation of 14 sailors from Ukraine from the Azov Concorde civil vessel. According to her, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been holding the crew in the port of Mariupol since February 24. The sailors were seized communications equipment, documents, there were problems with food and basic necessities, Moskalkova added. To resolve the situation with the sailors, the Ombudsman appealed to the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as to the Ukrainian authorities, the Ombudsman said, adding that she would continue to work on the return of citizens held in Ukraine to their homeland.

On March 25, Moskalkova announced that six Russian and six Ukrainian truckers were able to return home. However, according to the Ombudsman, “a large number of our truckers” are still being held on Ukrainian territory.

The first exchange of prisoners of war between Russia and Ukraine took place on March 24. Then ten captured Russian soldiers were exchanged for the same number of Ukrainian soldiers. In early April, an exchange of prisoners took place according to the formula “86 to 86”.

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