Russian Ambassador to the United States reported on incoming threats against diplomats

Russian Ambassador to the US Antonov: Diplomats receive death threats The Russian embassy in Washington operates in a hostile environment and resembles a besieged fortress, Ambassador Antonov said. He added that they are trying to push Russian diplomats to betrayal

The Russian Embassy in the United States

Employees of the Russian Embassy in the United States receive threats, including physical violence. This was stated by Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov on the air of Soloviev Live.

“Every day, anti-Russian actions are held at our diplomatic mission, hooligan antics, acts of vandalism take place. My comrades, the embassy staff, are receiving threats, including physical violence,»,— he said.

Antonov pointed out that the Russian embassy operates in a hostile environment and agreed with the comparison that the diplomatic mission resembles a besieged fortress. Nevertheless, the Russian embassy in Washington continues normal diplomatic work, he stressed.

According to him, Russian diplomats in the United States are also trying to push for betrayal: politicians publish in the American media calls for embassy employees and the military to “go over on the side of the so-called democracy.

Earlier on May 14, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Western countries were trying to find traitors among Russian diplomats both inside Russia and abroad.

“Traitors could not be found among diplomats,”— he declared. Lavrov stressed that Russian diplomatic representatives continue to fulfill their professional duties in accordance with the requirements of the time.

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So, on May 9, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreev was doused with red syrup when he took part in the ceremony at the Soviet military cemetery in Warsaw. The crowd did not allow the ambassador to lay a wreath, and he was forced to leave the memorial.

The Russian Foreign Ministry protested to the Polish authorities and demanded an apology from Warsaw. The head of the Polish Foreign Ministry called the incident “an incident that should not have happened and which, of course, is regrettable.”

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky, in turn, said that the emotions of the Ukrainians who attacked the Russian ambassador ” ;understandable».

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