Russian Defense Ministry reported on the destruction of foreign howitzers in Ukraine

Among other military successes of the past day, the defense department named the destruction of three howitzers, two of which Ukraine received from the United States, and another, self-propelled, from Norway *

Ukraine has destroyed one M109A3 155mm self-propelled howitzer, which was donated by Norway, and two US-made M777 155mm howitzers, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

In addition, seven field artillery pieces were destroyed, including the Pion 203-mm self-propelled artillery mount.

More than 80 areas of concentration of manpower and equipment of the Ukrainian army, two a command post, three positions of Ukrainian artillery, and two ammunition depots.

Air defense systems shot down 12 Ukrainian drones.

Artillery and missile forces hit 426 areas of concentration of manpower and equipment, 39 points control and 47 artillery firing positions.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

The Russian special military operation in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. At the end of April, after the troops were withdrawn from the north of Ukraine, advancing along the Kyiv and Chernihiv directions, the Ministry of Defense announced the beginning of the second phase of the operation. As Deputy Commander of the Central Military District for military-political work, Major General Rustam Minnekayev, the Russian army is going to take control of the Donbass and Southern Ukraine during the second phase.

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“From the beginning of the second phase of the special operation <…> one of the tasks of the Russian army is to establish complete control over the Donbass and Southern Ukraine, — he said.

According to him, control over the Donbass will provide a land corridor to the Crimea, as well as “influence the vital objects of the Ukrainian economy,” and over the south of Ukraine— another corridor to Transnistria, where “there are facts of oppression of the Russian-speaking population.” “Apparently, we are now at war with the whole world, as it was in the Great Patriotic War, the whole of Europe, the whole world was against us. And now it's the same, they never liked Russia, — the general added then.

The Kremlin has repeatedly stated that the special operation is proceeding according to plan. On June 3, Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov assessed the results of the first 100 days since the start of the special operation. According to him, it was possible to achieve certain results in protecting the population of Donbass and returning citizens to civilian life.

Several countries announced the supply of weapons to Ukraine, including 155mm howitzers, including the USA, Great Britain, Norway and Germany and others.

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