Russians have proposed almost 3,000 funny names for the new McDonald’s

The company also wants to keep the recipe.

The Russians responded to the news about the sale of the McDonald’s restaurant chain in the country. An American fast food company that has been in Russia for almost 30 years is leaving the market due to supply difficulties.

In a company statement, McDonald’s promised to sell restaurants to a “local buyer”, and it happened. Now the sale to Alexander Govor is being completed.

It is reported that under the terms of the contract, McDonald’s in Russia must change its name, for almost 2 years the new owner will keep the previous staff at their workplaces and pay salaries.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian McDonald’s will most likely retain the old recipe. The ministry also suggested choosing a new name for the restaurant chain. The Russians have already proposed over 3,000 options.

MakGovor is among them – in honor of Alexander Govor, owner of the GiD company, who bought McDonald’s.


McDak – doesn’t violate anything and people use this name”


“Kazan has a long-standing TatMak, a chain of cafes”


EchpochMak – Tatar variant”

“Poppy here what side? Have you run out of Russian names already?”


“Russian Poppy”, – commentators write on the Web.

The ministry promised to transfer the “most creative and interesting” to the Russian owner.

RBC conducted a survey in its Telegram channel and chose the most popular name from the proposed names for McDonald’s. They became McDuck. And there were also in the survey options “Uncle Vanya”, “Rusburger”, “Cafe Minutka”, “Potato”.

As Topnews wrote earlier , media sources reported that McDonald’s was concerned about the loss of its funds due to the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and the suspension of work, so it was decided to leave the market in Russia.


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