Scholz saw no obstacles to sending turbines for Nord Stream to Russia

German Chancellor Scholz: there are no obstacles to sending turbines for Nord Stream to Russia Russia can get a turbine for Nord Stream, there are no problems for this, Scholz assured. He admitted that interruptions in gas supplies would still occur. Siemens said that they did not receive customs documents from Moscow


Turbine for Nord Stream gas pipeline ready to ship to Russia at any time, there is no reason for problems with this issue. This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Siemens Energy plant in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Reuters reports. The chancellor examined the turbine, which is located in this plant.

He noted that the transportation of the turbine is a very simple matter, if “Gazprom” really wants it. Even if the turbine is transported to Russia, there may still be interruptions in gas supplies in the future, the chancellor believes. Germany should expect that gas contracts will no longer be fulfilled, Scholz warned. “Non-fulfillment of contracts for the supply of gas has no technical reasons”, — he stressed.

According to the chancellor, there has been an impulse in Germany to reduce gas consumption, the inhabitants of the republic are preparing to save fuel.

Siemens Energy previously noted its readiness to send the turbine to Russia, the company called the lack of customs documents an obstacle, they should be provided by Gazprom. Official Berlin provided the necessary documentation for the transportation of the turbine back in mid-July, emphasized Siemens Energy. Reuters wrote that the turbine was stuck in Germany because Russia did not give formal permission to import the turbine into its territory.

The Russian side rejected these data. “This is complete nonsense, because Siemens knows very well where this turbine is installed. That is, this is just an absurd message from the sources,»,— appreciated the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

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In June Gazprom twice reduced gas supplies via Nord Stream, explaining the situation by the absence of this turbine, first from 167 million to 100 million cubic meters. m of gas per day, then another third. She was taken to Canada for repairs, it was difficult to return the equipment due to sanctions against Russia. The company also stopped pumping due to preventive maintenance, resuming it in the same volume as before maintenance. By the end of July, gas pumping had fallen to 35 million cubic meters. m, which is 20% of the design capacity of the gas pipeline.

After German requests, Canada agreed to return the turbine, a decision that drew criticism from the Ukrainian authorities, President Volodymyr Zelensky called the incident a “dangerous concession”. According to Scholz, the “Kremlin's bluff” was uncovered in Ottawa; and eliminated the reason for Moscow to cut gas supplies.

Berlin and Siemens Energy rejected the explanations of the Russian side, believing that the pumping was reduced for political reasons, not technical reasons. “Even if it were, it would never justify such a large reduction in gas flow,” — noted the chief executive of Siemens Energy Joe Kezer. German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck admitted that a gas shortage could trigger a suspension of all market processes in Germany, calling such a scenario “catastrophic.” The accusations were denied in Moscow.

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