Sokurov reported about the threats he received

Director Alexander Sokurov said that his friends warn him about “the danger threatening his life.” He wrote about this in an appeal to the head of the Human Rights Council Valery Fadeev. In the text of the letter, Sokurov apologizes for what happened at the meeting of the HRC with President Vladimir Putin.

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

In his Sokurov apologizes to Fadeev for what happened during the meeting of the HRC with the president. According to him, he sees the indignation caused by his behavior in the press and the administrative-power environment, RBC reports.

As the director writes, friends warn him about the impending danger of life.

” The only guarantee of my life can be the obstruction by the president of such a radical denouement, “he wrote.

He also noted that membership in the HRC cannot be a guarantee of protection.

Sokurov emphasized, that he does not possess diplomatic skills and admits that he has offended many members of the HRC by his act and behavior: “I apologize to everyone.” Vladimir Putin disagreed with the director's opinion, saying that this issue should be taken very seriously.


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