Telegraph: Scholz could resign if he doesn’t capitulate to Putin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may lose his post if he does not “surrender” to Russian President Putin.


Journalist Daniel Johnson, in a column for the Telegraph, said that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz could lose his post if he does not “surrender” to Russian President Putin.

According to him According to him, Germany is currently experiencing a serious crisis due to a lack of energy resources. It is specified that Germany is highly dependent on Russia in this matter.

“The real drama broke out with the search for those responsible for the decision to abandon nuclear energy, which happened several decades ago. Now Germany has become completely dependent on the Russian Federation. Angela Merkel's reputation has been torn to shreds, two-thirds of voters now condemn the actions of Olaf Scholz. The reason was that he failed to ensure energy security,” Johnson stressed.

He specified that in addition to mistakes in the energy sector, Scholz was not firm enough in foreign policy. The chancellor, trying to please both NATO and Russia, actually abandoned Ukraine and does not provide it with proper support. This decision lowered the authority of Berlin.

“There are two options. First – Berlin will suffer a powerful setback, which will be accompanied by the collapse of the ruling party. Second, Berlin capitulates to President Putin,” Johnson said.


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