The Ambassador informed about the negotiations between Russia and the Philippines on the supply of fertilizers

The Philippines are negotiating with Moscow on the supply of fertilizers, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Russian Ambassador to Manila Marat Pavlov.

“As far as I know, negotiations between Philippine companies and Russian fertilizer producers are already underway,” — said the diplomat.

According to him, “the topic of fertilizer supplies is being raised by the Philippine side at the highest level.” This is one of those positions, on the import of which “health” directly depends; Philippine economy, he explained.

Pavlov recalled that in mid-July, Philippine President Marcos, who prioritizes food security and personally heads the country's Ministry of Agriculture, said that the issue of providing it with affordable fertilizers is a priority.

Against the background of sanctions against Russia, which is one of the largest producers of fertilizers and grains, world food prices have reached record levels, and the UN has warned of the risk of starvation in poor countries.

After that, the US Treasury excluded fertilizers, medical equipment and medicines from Russia from the sanctions list. Washington allowed the export, import and re-export of these goods. At the same time, sanctions against most Russian financial, insurance and logistics companies continue to apply.

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