The British commander warned of the growth of the threat to Russia after the special operation

According to Patrick Sanders, in most scenarios of the course of the conflict in Ukraine, Russia is likely to remain a significant threat to the security of Europe after it ends

It is not known how the conflict in Ukraine will end, but “in most scenarios” After the special operation, Russia will become an even more serious threat to European security than it was before, said British Army Chief Patrick Sanders.

“Although the potential of conventional weapons will be significantly reduced— at least for the time— [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's stated intention to restore the territories of historical Russia makes any respite temporary, and the threat will become even stronger, — warned the military (quote from Reuters).

According to the BBC, Sanders said in an internal message to military personnel on June 16 that the conflict in Ukraine showed the need to “be ready to fight and win wars.” and “to deter Russian aggression by the threat of force.” The Commander-in-Chief said that Britain and its allies need an army that can defeat Russia.

The Daily Mail tabloid reported on June 28, citing a letter from British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, that he asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson to increase the defense budget to 2.5% of GDP by 2028. He also called on the head of government at the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid to call on the leaders of the alliance to increase defense spending from the current minimum target of 2% of the country's GDP to 2.5%.

In a letter to Johnson, Wallace pointed out the shortcomings in British military capabilities that were exposed during the conflict in Ukraine. The head of the Defense Ministry added that due to record inflation and high costs of supporting Kyiv, the kingdom risks not fulfilling NATO's obligations to spend on defense by 2025.

The North Atlantic Alliance at the summit in Spain should adopt a new strategic concept, in which Russia will be called the main threat.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in May that Moscow does not want war in Europe and that it is the West that “constantly insists that <…&gt ; Russia must be defeated. The completion of the military operation in Ukraine, he said, will stop the West's attempts to undermine international law and promote a unipolar world.

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