The Cabinet of Ministers asked to prescribe for what information they can be recognized as a foreign agent

On the eve of the reading in the State Duma, the government submitted a response to the draft law on control over the activities of foreign agents. The Cabinet of Ministers asked the deputies to prescribe for the dissemination of what information this status can be obtained

The government has prepared a response to the bill on control over the activities of foreign agents, which is submitted to the State Duma, follows from the base of the bills.

We are talking about the draft law “On Control over the Activities of Persons Under Foreign Influence”, which summarizes the norms of the legislation on foreign agents. The document was submitted to the State Duma on April 25, the deputies plan to consider it in the first reading on June 7.

Remarks on the bill were made in the government's response:

  • the document does not define the range of information, the dissemination of which may lead to the assignment of the status of a foreign agent, while the effect of its provisions “applies, among other things, to the financing and distribution of printed, audio, audiovisual and other messages and materials intended for an unlimited circle of persons”, as well as participation in their creation. Because of this, “foreign agent status” and related restrictions can be assigned to “persons of friendly states” who “interact, for example, with international integration associations, of which the Russian Federation is a member.” The Eurasian Economic Union and the Union State are given as an example of such integration associations;
  • the status of a foreign agent and persons affiliated with foreign agents differ significantly in terms of requirements for them. The government proposed to put the latter in a separate register;
  • the draft law does not specify what kind of data should be transferred to the Ministry of Justice, which will maintain registers, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Tax Service, the Pension Fund and other departments. At the same time, the law “On operational-search activity” assumes that the Ministry of Internal Affairs can transfer data only to the body of inquiry, investigator, tax authority or to the court;
  • The bill provides for mandatory labeling of materials produced or distributed by foreign agents. The Cabinet of Ministers proposes to supplement a document that gives the government the right to establish requirements for this marking;
  • the passage of the bill will require the introduction of “systemic changes”; to the Criminal Code, the Code of Administrative Offenses, the law “On the Mass Media”, as well as the federal laws “On State Secrets”, “On Public Associations” and others. The government asks the Duma to take this circumstance into account.

The response says that, in general, the Cabinet supports the initiative— subject to revision for the second reading, taking into account all the comments from the government's response.

Whom the deputies propose to consider as a foreign agent

The authors of the bill propose to consider a foreign agent a person “who has received support and (or) is under foreign influence in other forms.”

Foreign influence means the provision of support to a person by a foreign source, for example, a foreign state, its authorities , international organizations, as well as providing “impact” on this person, “including by coercion, persuasion” or otherwise.

At the same time, the bill states that support from a “foreign source” can be expressed not only in money, but also in the provision of organizational, methodological, scientific and technical assistance, assistance in other forms.

Such a person can be engaged in a variety of activities: from “targeted collection of information in the field of military and military-technical activity» to the creation and distribution of “messages and materials intended for the general public.”

Read on RBC Pro Pro Being a vegan is useful. Is it true? Articles Pro Tomorrow may no longer work: 3 steps to meaningful import substitution Media about a possible default of Russia Russia. The main risk of the document in its current form— it is the unlimited application of the law and potential violations of the rights of many citizens, human rights activists pointed out.

For example, the concept of “foreign influence”; the document is spelled out in such a way that it can be understood as “any method of influence that the administrative body at its discretion considers sufficient,” human rights activists noted.

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