The Chinese explained Biden’s tough rhetoric against Russia

Experts recalled shameful pages of history to America: “The United States was built on genocide”

The accusations voiced by US President Biden against Russia of “genocide” provoked sharp criticism in the Chinese media, which caught the head White House in search of a scapegoat to save his own political career.

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Commenting on Biden’s attempt to turn the arrows on Russia in connection with rising US prices, the Chinese edition of Global Times, made on Tuesday during a speech in Iowa, suggests recalling the background of anti-Russian statements: since inflation in the United States reached a 40-year high, the topic of the speech was “decrease in energy costs for working families. “In other words, when Biden failed to demonstrate the ability to solve the internal problems of the United States, he turned to a convenient scapegoat – this time to Russia, – writes Global Times. – Biden dropped the term “genocide” lightly and casually, without hard evidence. He later added that “we will let the lawyers decide at the international level whether this is appropriate, but it seems so to me.”

Criticized and questioned about the US administration's incompetence and inefficiency in running the United States, Biden labeled Russia ambiguously to divert people's attention from the sluggish US economy, yelling about conflict on the other side of the globe, Global Times notes.

Chinese publication writes that Biden is trying to maintain his approval rating and political career. By blaming Russia, Biden could escalate Washington's confrontation with Moscow, exacerbate tensions in Ukraine, and convincingly prove that he is leading the US in a severe crisis.

He wants to win more votes in the upcoming midterm elections with this tactic, Li Haidong, a professor at the China University of Foreign Affairs, told the Global Times about Biden's rhetoric.

From a global perspective, the US accusation of “genocide” is has long lost its power to cause a storm as Washington tossed the term around the world from time to time. On the eve of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, China was accused of “committing genocide” in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The term “genocide” has become a tool that the United States uses to achieve its political goals, writes the Chinese edition. It has become normal for ordinary people to hear the US say it out loud. Few will take it seriously. The United States has never been the epitome of justice, and the corresponding wording is not sacred. If there is a genocide, it should be determined on the basis of facts, not what the United States will say, says Fudan University professor Shen Yi.

No one knows better than the United States what genocide really means, says Global Times .

“Let's not forget that the US was built on genocide,” — Shen said, adding that the US massacred the indigenous peoples, appropriated their lands, and thus created the country. Subsequently, more brutal treatment of Native Americans can be traced, writes the Chinese edition. In 1814, the US government decided to award between $50 and $100 for every Native American skull that was turned in. The US government has also systematically used Indian reservations as toxic or nuclear waste dumps through deceit and coercion.

“Genocide – this is a US sin that will never be atoned for, – notes the Global Times. – But Washington seized the right to define the term. He portrays himself as the god of freedom who freed people living in ignorance, barbarism and desolation, and says that the US is the beacon that brought civilization. Audiences around the world, especially from non-Western countries, began to understand that the US was manipulating public opinion.


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